Jodie Foster Gave Ten-Year-Old Kristen Stewart the Best Life Advice Possible

Jodie Foster Gave Ten-Year-Old Kristen Stewart the Best Life Advice Possible
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The Twilight actress still cries every time she sees her former co-star.


  • Kristen Stewart got some advice from Jodie Foster while working on Panic Room.
  • Oscar-winning Foster, who was a child actress herself, was very protective of Stewart on the set.
  • Many years later, Kristen can finally see that Foster was right.

While a career in Hollywood is everything millions of people could ever dream of, for some it can be a burden. Child actors are perhaps the best example of this, as they often find themselves under immense pressure to succeed in a life they don't yet understand. For this reason, a piece of wise advice from a more experienced adult is very valuable.

Kristen Stewart, who you probably know from The Twilight Saga where she played Bella Swan, was lucky enough to get some from Jodie Foster when she was a kid. The two actresses worked together in David Fincher's 2002 thriller Panic Room, where they played a mother and daughter who are taken hostage by burglars in their own home. And while the movie was intense, Stewart credits J. Foster for her fondest memories of the time.

An Oscar-Winning Mentor

When Panic Room was filmed in early 2001, Kristen Stewart was ten years old and only in her fourth role. Remarkably, Jodie Foster threw the young actress a birthday party and gave her some valuable advice for which Stewart is still grateful.

'[Jodie Foster] actually threw me a birthday party when I turned eleven, with a mariachi band. She was like, "Don't forget you're a kid,"' Kristen Stewart revealed in a recent interview. 'I was so obsessed with acting on set and working, and not going to school, and not doing all the right things. I was like, "I will make movies until I die!" And she was like, "You should do anything but that because you're a real human being." It felt protective and nice.'

Another Path

However, Kristen Stewart didn't seem to follow the advice. The actress went on to land many more roles in the years that followed, which led to her starring as Bella in the Twilight franchise. But it seems that over the years, Stewart has come to understand the wisdom of Jodie Foster's words.

'In retrospect, I understand 'cause any time I see a kid on set, I'm like, "How about college, man? You wanna maybe direct movies? You should explore all the options,"' Kristen Stewart said of her attitude to Foster's advice.

Since the Saga, Stewart has taken on many dramatic roles that have allowed her to showcase the range of her talent. The actress' most recent work is the romantic thriller Love Lies Bleeding, which made its wide theatrical debut on March 8.

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