Jacob Elordi Follows Pedro Pascal's Lead in The Best Way Possible

Jacob Elordi Follows Pedro Pascal's Lead in The Best Way Possible
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The actor basically stole Pascal's look.

Although Jacob Elordi broke into the mainstream only a couple of years ago with HBO's Euphoria, he is now ready to claim the crown as one of Hollywood's most prominent leading men. The actor is currently attached to several projects, starring in Saltburn and On Swift Horses and playing Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola's upcoming movie Priscilla, which will certainly put him in the upper echelon of Hollywood actors.

But Elordi is just as well known for his dashing looks and unique sense of style as he is for his acting chops.

Recently, Elordi's bold new look went viral when he was photographed wearing mini shorts with a leather jacket, chewing on a gun, and looking as handsome as ever. While many fans were more than happy to see the actor showing off his long legs, some were quick to accuse Elordi of stealing his look from another famous actor, Pedro Pascal.

Pascal famously stepped out on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2023 earlier last month, shocking fans with his black mini shorts, bright red coat, and shirt accented with a black tie.

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While Elordi opted for a much safer black and white look, people still noticed the similarities between the two men's outfits. Some teased the star, saying that Pascal did it first and wore it better, but no one could deny that Elordi looked great in the unusual attire.

'Fun fact: those are normal sized pants. Jacob is just very tall,' one fan joked.

Still, some commenters found something to bash Elordi for, ridiculing him for abandoning his normal gentlemanly appearance and saying that he looks like SpongeBob SquarePants. But most of all, people disliked Elordi's famous penchant for chewing gum, arguing that he might be ruining his perfect teeth with such an unhealthy habit.

'I can almost hear the chewing just from looking at him,' one fan said.

All in all, we can't thank Pascal enough for showing other actors that there's nothing to be ashamed of about wearing mini shorts in public. More bare-legged male celebrities, please!

Source: Reddit.