Izzie's Departure Was The Worst-Handled Grey's Anatomy Exit

Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans think Katherine Heigl's departure from the medical drama should have been completely different.

The Shonda Rhimes-produced medical drama series premiered on ABC in 2005 and has been on the air ever since. It has had a huge influence on practically every show that came after it, and the modern age of Peak TV would be hard to imagine without it. Rhimes has hired top actors for the show, including Katherine Heigl.

It's a shame that fans never liked her character, but even Izzie's most ardent detractors will admit Katherine was perfect in the role.

Izzie evolved a great deal through the first six seasons, going from being obnoxious and insensitive to loving and caring. And then Izzie simply disappeared towards the end of the sixth season, shocking millions of fans: Katherine Heigl had a falling-out with Shonda Rhimes, and her contract was terminated with immediate effect.

There wasn't a lot the show's writers could have done in this situation to give Katherine's character a proper sign-off, and the fans were furious.

Throughout the fifth season, Izzie struggled with stage 4 cancer, and every doctor at the hospital, including the attending surgeon Richard Webber, was not just fighting for her life but also supporting her in every way possible.

Izzie then went into remission and returned to work, only to be fired for one medical error.

Fans don't buy it: this sudden firing makes zero sense, yet on the show, Richard Webber, who supported Izzie throughout her long battle with cancer, calls Izzie into his office and gives her the boot on the spot. What's even more surprising is that none of the other surgeons speaks out against the decision, simply going along with the abrupt firing of the cancer survivor.

People say Izzie must have committed a series of medical errors throughout season six to justify a dismissal; it would then have made much more sense. Apparently, Shonda Rhimes wanted Katherine gone from her set ASAP.