Is Mean Girls Reboot Happening After All?

Is Mean Girls Reboot Happening After All?
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Be careful what you wish for, they say…

With the advent of streaming services in the 2010s, Hollywood grew exponentially. In fact, most of the highest-grossing films were released during this time – think Disney's Frozen and the live-action reboot of The Lion King. And while we undeniably love these films, we all tend to have a 2000s movie that we call our favorite.

In that sense, Mean Girls is one of the most popular movies from that era. It also remains one of the most financially successful films of all time. Naturally, fans would love to see a reboot of the beloved comedy. And certain recent events have only increased their hopes that it might happen.

A Classic 2000s Comedy

Released in 2004, Mean Girls was an instant hit. Centered around a group of high school girls, the film explores the undercurrents of their lives and issues such as peer pressure, power imbalances, and the family's impact on teens. Written by SNL's Tina Fey, the movie approaches these issues in a hilarious way that makes them seem lighthearted.

In addition, Mean Girls had a wonderful cast of actors, many of whom went on to become real stars. The film featured big names like Lindsay Lohan (The Parent Trap), Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!), Rachel McAdams (Doctor Strange), and Lacey Chabert (All My Children).

Produced on a $17 million budget, Mean Girls grossed a staggering $130 million at the box office. However, the film's 2011 prequel, starring a different cast, was just as successful and was immediately released on television.

Is a Reboot with the Original Actors Possible?

Since we are now past Halloween, the next big celebration is Thanksgiving Day, which, along with turkey and family gatherings, has come to mean Black Friday. And even though it's only the beginning of November, many retailers are already advertising their Black Friday deals.

For example, Walmart recently released an ad starring the original cast of Mean Girls. Lohan, Seyfried and Chabert portray slightly older versions of their iconic characters as they reunite in high school – this time to support their teenage daughters who are performing in a holiday show.

While the piece is first and foremost a commercial, it delivers an interesting take on what a Mean Girls reboot could be. Fans would certainly love to see such a movie, but so far there have been no announcements regarding a possible revival. Fortunately, we can enjoy the elaborate Walmart commercial for as long as we want.

Would you love to see a Mean Girls reboot with the Original cast?