Is Harry Jowsey a Bad Dancer or Are We Asking Too Much of DWTS?

Is Harry Jowsey a Bad Dancer or Are We Asking Too Much of DWTS?
Image credit: Disney+

Fans hate the idea of Harry reaching the finale.


  • Harry's lack of dancing skills was apparent from the first episode, but producers are keeping him on the show because he’s huge on social media.
  • Although no one expected Harry to be a dancing prodigy, it doesn’t seem that he’s even trying, and that really makes fans hate his guts.

To everyone's surprise, Season 32 of Dancing with the Stars turned out to be one of the best editions of the hit reality competition in recent years. Both the new judges and the current roster of celebrities are working hard to improve the show's appeal. That said, fans are still somewhat confused about some of the contestants on the show, and the animosity viewers have begun to feel towards Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle is the most glaring evidence of this.

While the idea of pairing a popular athlete with millions of Instagram followers with the rising professional dancer Rylee Arnold seemed like a perfect match on paper, it proved to be a huge disappointment in reality. Here's why.

Bad Dancer

While none of the celebrities competing on the show are expected to have exceptional dancing skills, Harry's lack of ability on the dance floor was evident from the very first episode. Fans were expecting Harry to be eliminated immediately, but he is still competing on the show, much to the viewers' chagrin.

Almost all of the couple's dances follow the same pattern - Rylee displays her finesse in dancing, impressing both the judges and the audience, while Harry merely stands on the dance floor, occasionally assisting her. Needless to say, the audience finds this type of performance infinitely boring, and the fact that Harry does not seem to be making any effort to improve only fuels their frustration.

Dating Rumors

However, it's easy to see why the producers decided to keep Harry on the show as long as possible. He and Rylee have practically flooded TikTok with videos of them dancing, making the couple one of the most popular pairs of the season, at least on social media.

Now, the rumors that Harry and Rylee are secretly dating haven’t helped matters, as the idea of a 26-year-old man dating an 18-year-old has only made the audience hate Harry even more.