Is Elvis Still Here?: 7 Conspiracy Theories About The Legendary Singer People Still Believe In

Image credit: Legion-Media

Forty-five years ago, on August 16, 1977, the King of Rock and Roll was found dead.

His sudden passing came as a real shock to the world. The fans refused to accept Elvis's death and were coming up with reasons according to which he didn’t die but just wanted to drop off the radar. Numerous theories and even fake testimonies appeared that he had been seen in different places around the world over the years. Fans desperately believed that Elvis was alive. They said he was just fed up with popularity, the glitter, unceasing interest of the press and paparazzi, and was craving the quiet and measured life of an ordinary man. Here's a list of 7 crazy theories about the star singer.

1. Elvis went to South America

More than a hundred people allegedly saw Elvis Presley alive and kicking at the Memphis Airport a couple of hours after his death was announced. He and his two bodyguards bought tickets to Buenos Aires then went through all the security checkpoints and were about to board. The crowd of fans rushed to the idol but only one, John Sparks, managed to get an autograph on his plane ticket.

And, mysteriously, many tests and examinations by specialists declared unambiguously that the autograph is real and was signed by none other than Elvis Presley himself! To add up to that, one more fact made fans sure of Elvis's perfect health. One of the tickets was registered in the name of John Burroughs which was the singer's to-go pseudonym to remain unrecognized.

2. Elvis was receiving treatment for drug addiction

Although the official cause of death was heart failure, Presley's relatives, friends, and colleagues were not fully convinced.

At 42, Elvis was complaining a great deal about his poor health. One of his colleagues made a remark that he was seriously addicted to painkillers, and that undermined his health. It is alleged that following his father's request, the experts determined the cause of death was, in fact, a weak heart, and not a drug overdose.

Newspapers claimed no illegal substances were found in Elvis's house and the singer himself was a fierce anti-drug activist. U.S. President Richard Nixon once granted Presley a federal narcotics badge. Obviously, such a turn of events could have tarnished Elvis' reputation. Therefore, one of the theories claims Elvis decided to cure himself of drug addiction anonymously and quietly. And so that no one would ever find out about his addiction, he had to arrange his own death.

3. Elvis fell into the clutches of the CIA

It is no secret that Elvis actively cooperated with the government, and sometimes his influence on certain events did not go unnoticed. According to one version, Elvis was recruited by CIA agents who even built a secret center on his estate. As a result, some believe, he discovered so many top secrets that he simply had to hide for the rest of his life.

4. Elvis was mortally afraid of his fans

The most desperate fans were ready to admit that they made the life of their idol simply unbearable. They would stand guard outside the singer's estate, setting up tent camps until the police and security had to kick them out. Some crazy stans actually wanted a piece of Elvis!

No wonder the singer would be terrified for his own life! The star could never go anywhere unnoticed and had to check into hotels under false names. But that didn't help either: no matter where he appeared, there always were crowds of his fans waiting for him. In the end, Elvis simply got tired and decided to fake his death to get rid of the constant pressure.

5. Elvis became a recluse

In the final years before his death, Elvis became obsessed with various spiritual practices and exotic religions. According to one theory, Elvis decided to cut himself off from the human world, his family, and friends, and fully immerse himself in a spiritual search for something more than mortal glory. No fans allowed, obviously.

6. Elvis was terminally ill

Another loony theory talks about a secret scientific intervention to the singer’s disease. Many fans believe that Presley, after discovering he was terribly ill and his death was imminent, went to a mysterious clinic on the West Coast.

Scientists managed to obtain his healthy cells and were able to clone him after his death.

7. It was a wax doll in the coffin and not Elvis

Fans came to this conclusion after seeing the inscription on the tomb. To be more precise, they found a mistake. The thing is that Elvis' middle name is Aron, and the inscription on the grave says: "Here lies Elvis Aaron Presley”! Fans claim that Presley was really superstitious, and this mistake is not accidental. He simply did not want to put his real name on the false grave.

In addition, Elvis was buried in a closed coffin, and there was no picture taken of the dead artist inside the coffin. Also, the death certificate says that Elvis weighed quite little as a result of the long-standing disease, whereas the coffin was unrealistically heavy! Fans didn’t wait to give their own theory: instead of the real person, the coffin contained a wax model, and there even was a small freezer to prevent the wax from melting!

Many will find all these conspiracy theories delusional, but the artist’s fans will hold onto any straw to keep him forever alive and well.