Is Bridgerton Gearing Up to Kill Off Marina?

Image credit: Netflix

Fans fear Netflix will follow the plot of the original book too closely.

Julia Quinn's bestselling series of novels, set in fictional Regency-era England, became popular long before Shonda Rhimes decided to adapt them for Netflix, turning Bridgerton into one of the most successful shows in streaming history.

Today, with the third season expected to come out sooner or later, it's time to discuss what's in store for one of Bridgerton's most conflicted characters — Marina Crane.

This distant cousin of Penelope's has been through a lot in the past two seasons, losing the love of her life in the war and being forced into a loveless, practical marriage. Most viewers sympathize with the character, while others are a little annoyed by some of her actions, such as lashing out at Penelope or treating her husband Phillip with cold disrespect.

However, even Marina's most ardent detractors would probably feel more compassionate if they knew what fate awaited the heroine in the original novels.

In season two of Bridgerton, Marina seemed completely unhappy and detached from others, so fans were convinced she was utterly unsatisfied with her life, and those who read the book series began to fear that Netflix was preparing to kill her off.

That's right — in Quinn's novels, Marina did not die a natural death: the character tried to drown herself in a lake, and even though she was saved by Phillip, Marina died three days later due to serious lung fever.

The heroine did not deserve such a sad ending, fans agree — and so they hope that Marina will enjoy a brighter future in the Netflix series.

Another detail that makes people worried is the fact that Phillip married Eloise Bridgerton shortly after his wife died in the novel. It looks like the book heroine did not find peace even after her death, and fans would like the screen version of the character to avoid this unfortunate fate. Hopefully, the Bridgerton writers will take note of viewers' attitude to Marina and won't make the character suffer so much in the upcoming season.