How Old Was Gollum Actually in The Lord of the Rings?

How Old Was Gollum Actually in The Lord of the Rings?
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The true age of the seemingly frail villain may astonish you, as he was one of the most ancient beings in The Lord of the Rings.

J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings was a fantasy phenomenon long before Peter Jackson adapted the books into a film trilogy, introducing millions of new fans to the British author's intricate universe.

Although the original books are nearly 70 years old, their immense popularity persists, largely due to the wealth of intriguing details they contain. Among the most frequently asked questions about Middle-earth is the age of the fan-favourite antagonist Gollum during the events of The Lord of the Rings.

Gollum, initially known as Smeagol when he was a hobbit, was born in the year 2430 of the Third age.

At the tender age of 33, he discovered the One Ring with his cousin while on a routine fishing trip. The ring immediately corrupted Smeagol's mind, prompting him to murder his cousin in cold blood to claim the ring for himself. After using the ring's power to sneak and steal around his home village for seven years, he was exiled to the Misty Mountains, where he took up residence in the caves.

His life story took a fascinating turn during this time: Smeagol transformed into Gollum and lived in solitude within the deep caves for over 400 years. In 2941, he encountered Bilbo, who took his precious ring, leaving the now 511-year-old Gollum bereft of his treasured possession.

The ring granted Gollum extraordinary longevity, so he did not perish after losing it, as his relentless quest to reclaim the ring imbued him with the strength to keep on living.

In The Lord of the Rings, Frodo encounters Gollum in the Mines of Moria when the enfeebled villain is already 589 years old.

After Sauron's defeat in 3019, Gollum also perishes, concluding his lengthy yet troubled existence. It is a fair price to pay for once being the master of the One Ring!