How Much Targaryen Blood Do HotD Characters Need to Be Able to Ride a Dragon?

How Much Targaryen Blood Do HotD Characters Need to Be Able to Ride a Dragon?
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Dragons were an integral part of the first season of HBO's hit fantasy series, and fans have a few questions about the Targaryens' relationship with those ancient creatures.

George R.R. Martin's worlds are always carefully crafted, and even the smallest details make a big difference on the grand scale of events. That is why his books are bestsellers and the TV series based on his works are always exceptional hits. People love to learn more about the Seven Kingdoms universe and Martin enjoys helping them do this by writing new books, producing new shows and giving frequent interviews.

Yet despite all this, fans are still left with some unanswered questions, the most important of which is how much Targaryen blood does it take to claim and ride the dragon?

With House of the Dragon's plot centered around the famous dynasty of silver-haired dragonriders, it's not surprising that fans are starting to ask this question more and more. There are many characters riding dragons in the first season, and some of them, like Laenor Velaryon, are only 25% Targaryen, as his mother Rhaenys was half Baratheon.

And yet they are both fine dragonriders! So, is Targaryen blood as important to riding a dragon as it is believed?

According to the majority of the fans on Reddit, yes. Even a drop of Targaryen blood can be enough to make a person a dragonrider, as the real science behind this magic has been lost to time. Of course, it's better to be a pure Targaryen rather than mix your blood with other influences.

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Yes, the Targaryens marry each other for one thing – to become the only House capable of riding dragons, as their blood is magically enchanted to do so. That's why the Targaryens hate half-breeds, because they can wield the same power as they do without being bound by their oaths to their clan.

However, as befits Martin, a small portion of fans think there is definitely foul play going on here, suspecting that the Targaryens are purposely spreading rumors about their magical blood in order to maintain their monopoly on dragons forever. An ingenious tactic to seize and retain the Iron Throne, wouldn't you say?