How Many Supes Are There Supposed to Be in The Boys Universe?

Image credit: Legion-Media

With all the Supe stuff going on in the hit series, fans are curious about how many more gifted people might show up in the series' future episodes.

In 2019, Amazon Prime struck gold with the dark comedy superhero series The Boys, presenting a brand-new take on generic formulas to show what living in a world of superheroes would really be like. And the audience loved it, obsessively following the story of Billy Butcher and his team fighting against two-faced Supes and Vought International, the company responsible for creating and marketing them.

Now, with so many new details revealed in the course of the show's three seasons, fans are wondering how many superheroes there are, and if it's possible to establish the number at all.

Each new season introduces viewers to dozens of new Supes, some of them becoming major threats and others acting as exceptionally gifted extras. The question of how many people with superpowers there are in the series' universe is difficult to answer, but we do know one thing — in the pilot episode, 200 was cited as the approximate number of Supes under Vought's control. But that's clearly not the total number, as many fans on Reddit pointed out.

Some believe that, since Vought have been actively producing superheroes since the 1980s, many of them could have left their creator, and now there are thousands of Supes roaming the world. Others claim that this is unlikely because Vought's CEO Stan Edgar cited a figure of 200 for a reason, and we can expect a cold professional like him to know his numbers. The majority of fans on the Internet agree that a figure between 200 and 500 of Supes in The Boys' universe seems most appropriate.

Though it's a much smaller number than many viewers would like to see, we're still sure to meet many new interesting superheroes in the future installments of the franchise. In addition to the show's upcoming fourth season, Amazon has announced the premiere of the spin-off series Gen V, centered around a college for young Supes.