How Many More Seasons Will The Boys Have After Season 3?

Image credit: Legion-Media

As fans wait for news on the upcoming fourth season, it's time to contemplate the series.

Amazon Prime's brutal take on the superhero genre shocked viewers upon its release in 2019, attracting millions of fans who were sick and tired of Marvel and DC and hungry for more original, and more adult content.

The supes (people with superpowers) in The Boys are people like us with flaws and weaknesses, who often use their powers not for the greater good but for their own benefit or to stroke their highly inflated egos. Furthermore, their origin story is pretty simple: they were all injected with Compound V, a chemical made by corrupt corporation Vought International that gives people random superpowers. Now the eponymous Boys are a group of vigilantes led by rogue CIA agent Billy Butcher that are on a warpath against the supes and Vought International. When season three was released last year, fans knew the final showdown between Billy Butcher and Homelander, a narcissistic caricature of Superman, was just around the corner. And now that the fourth season of the Boys has been confirmed, people are beginning to wonder if it’s going to be the last.

The consensus on Reddit is that showrunner Erik Kripke doesn’t want to keep milking the series to infinity and will instead just end it on a high note. However, looking at the original comic book series, it doesn’t seem likely that season four can wrap up the story, thus, many fans believe the series is going to have at least five seasons. But then again, few people would want to see their favourite show turn into a never ending drag like Supernatural or The Walking Dead, and it is generally agreed that Amazon understands it.

The biggest problem with continuing The Boys after five seasons is that the story of the show’s main villain Homelander, who’s been so fascinating to watch, will have run its course by then. And with Homelander gone, most fans will probably lose interest in the show.

Two more short seasons will allow all the story arcs to naturally come to an end without boring the viewers to death. The Boys is definitely one of the biggest hits on Amazon Prime, but the streaming giant doesn’t need to worry about money, seeing how they can always make a bunch of spinoffs based on the original series. It’s actually already been announced that a spinoff centred on teen supes in college is already scheduled to come out in 2023 and it can potentially be a great hit, too.