How Long Jon Snow Spent with the Wildlings in Game of Thrones?

Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans have had a lot of questions about Jon Snow's most controversial storyline in the whole series.

George R. R. Martin's Westeros is undoubtedly a unique fantasy world, carefully crafted with lots of attention to detail. Although much of the action takes place in castles and cities, with spies and lords plotting and scheming for power, fans have always been curious about The Night's Watch, the military order that protects the Seven Kingdoms against threats from beyond the Wall.

It's a shame that HBO failed to make the story about Jon Snow's misadventures with the Wildlings as interesting as the rest of the series, with the result that many fans said they didn't like how this part of Martin's source material was adapted.

This northern adventure showed a lot of promise on first viewing: fans loved the atmosphere of the godforsaken Wall guarded by tough men battling bizarre horrors from beyond the edge of the known world.

So, when Jon Snow finally ventured outside the Wall in search of the Wildlings, people were eager to see what was going to happen next, but the story soon turned into a convoluted soap opera in which Jon first sided with the Wildlings only to then betray them. Many thought the storyline was boring and drawn out.

Jon Snow spent almost two seasons getting to know his new friends and getting them to trust him to make his eventual betrayal hurt as much as possible, but the storyline only got 70 minutes of screen time, which angered many fans who wanted to know more about Jon's life with the Wildlings.

And to add insult to injury, seeing how the series was constantly jumping between the multiple storylines, people were left at a loss as to how much time Jon Snow actually spent with the Wildings.

Some hard-core Game of Thrones fans on Reddit say he only spent a couple of months with them, and all the events shown in the two seasons fall comfortably within that time frame. And yet, many thought it must have lasted much longer because of how drawn out and slow it felt. Many fans complain the writers failed to make it unique or exciting.

What makes it especially sad is that George R. R. Martin actually did a great job creating a unique atmosphere for Jon Snow's adventure beyond the Wall in the original books, but none of that was carried over into the series.