How is Perfect Match Different From Love Island (Aside From Nick Lachey)?

Image credit: Netflix, ITV

Two hit reality shows may look alike, but in reality, they are vastly different.

This year, Netflix introduced the world to the Perfect Match dating competition, featuring the contestants who had previously starred in other streaming service's reality shows. With such a pedigree, the fandom built up quite quickly, but when the show finally came out, many people were disappointed, claiming that much of the action on it was superficial and simply uninspiring.

Unsatisfied with the Netflix project and wishing to scratch that itch for a reality dating show, fans turned to ITV's hit series Love Island — and now it's fascinating to see just how different the two series are.

On the surface, Love Island and Perfect Match share the same premise — that is, the contestants are expected to form romantic couples, which is the basic premise of any reality dating show — but apart from that, the two projects hardly have anything else in common.

For one thing, the Love Island contestants almost never know each other before filming begins, so their interactions seem genuine, as they essentially learn about each other by living together. Perfect Match is not like this since most of the influencers involved as contestants already know each other from other shows or social events, so all their interactions on the show feel rehearsed.

Secondly, Love Island airs every day for eight or so weeks, carefully tracking even the most minor events in the contestants' lives.

Yes, the action seems a little mundane at times, but it makes the romances that blossom on the show feel real, rather than mere attempts at profiteering, as on Perfect Match. Islanders are filmed all the time, and even if the level of drama isn't always high, the idea of spending a lot of time with the show's contestants appeals to many viewers.

Finally, the Islanders sleep in the same shared bedroom, which makes the romantic dynamic between the participants very interesting.

Obviously, Love Island has been on the air much longer than Perfect Match, so the show's honed formula was tried out for quite some time before becoming a real winner. Perhaps the creators of Perfect Match can learn a few things from their rival and use their experience and techniques to improve the Netflix show in future seasons.