How Big is Vermithor Compared to Vhagar on House of the Dragon?

Image credit: Legion-Media

The two biggest dragons in the series' universe will collide in the future, and there's a debate over who is going to win.

Set almost 200 years before the events of the original Game of Thrones series, the HBO spin-off tells the story of two branches of House Targaryen who use lies, intrigue, and murder in their struggle to win the Iron Throne. As the tension builds up, viewers are excited to see the upcoming Dance of the Dragons, which will be far more devastating as a full-blown civil war divides the Seven Kingdoms in two. And given the fact almost every aristocrat in the series is a dragon rider, the battles to take place in the future seasons will be ones to die for.

House of the Dragon fully lives up to its name, with the first season featuring 17 dragons, which is way more than in the original series. Of all the dragons shown or mentioned in the spin-off, two are the most powerful: Vhagar, the Queen of All Dragons, and Vermithor, also called the Bronze Fury. But which of them is bigger?

Vhagar is as ancient as they come. She is one of the trio of dragons who once conquered the Seven Kingdoms, and the only surviving member of the group. With her incomparable knowledge and combat experience, Vhagar is by far the most dangerous dragon in all of Westeros. By the beginning of the series, she was claimed by Laena Velaryon, who later asked the dragon to burn her alive, suffering from difficult pregnancy and mental problems. Vhagar does as she is told and immediately finds her new master: Laena's husband Aemond Targaryen wasted no time in getting his hands on the most powerful weapon in existence.

Compared to Vhagar, Vermithor is slightly less experienced, but his incredible size, strength, and knowledge of combat certainly make up for it. After he was the mount of the legendary Jaehaerys I Targaryen, Vermithor did not have a master before the Dance of Dragons, and whoever claims him cannot fear a single living creature. Daemon Targaryen seems to have had his eye on the beast, appeasing the dragon with a song in the season finale.

Vhagar is larger and older than Vermithor, but that doesn't mean her victory is predetermined. Both of these dragons are extremely dangerous, and their battle will be one of the most spectacular in the history of both Game of Thrones and fantasy in general.