House of the Dragon Star Reveals Aemond's Sad Connection To Vhagar

House of the Dragon Star Reveals Aemond's Sad Connection To Vhagar
Image credit: HBO

House of the Dragon is an exceptional show, absolutely no slouch in terms of tension and character development compared to Game of Thrones (and certainly compared to season 8).

And one of the most fan-favorite characters is Aemond Targaryen, known as Aemond One-Eye, the third child of King Viserys I, who managed to forge a strong bond with the ancient and most powerful dragon of the time, Vhagar. And the deep connection between them was especially felt by Ewan Mitchell, who played Aemond.

Based on George R. R. Martin's book Fire & Blood, which is presented as a fictionalized chronicle, House of the Dragon takes place 172 years before Game of Thrones. The story revolves around the offspring of Viserys I Targaryen as they fought for their father's throne.

This led to a full-scale civil war between the Rhaenyra Targaryen (known as the blacks) and Aegon II Targaryen (the greens) factions, which came to be known as the Dance of the Dragons.

One of the most prominent figures in the events was Aemond. He became not only a menace to Rhaenyra's followers, but also one of the most powerful warriors and dragonriders in the history of Westeros in general.

Ewan Mitchell, in an interview with The Face, shared his thoughts on Aegon's bond with Vhagar, and that relationship is much deeper and sadder than you might think:

“I just enjoyed reading the script for the first time and meeting this neglected, friendless, bullied boy who really never found a place in the family,” the actor says.

The prince was born a rather weak child who inspired neither fear nor respect. But it was his assertiveness and willpower that helped him become a skilled swordsman and win the trust of the fiercest creature, a female dragon named Vhagar.

“She’s enormous but also the loneliest. She’s so big she can’t fit within the confines of any castle wall, like Aemond. He doesn’t fit it anywhere, and so he identifies with her,” Mitchell adds.

According to the actor, Aemond was always lonely and unloved in the family, however, through their bond, the prince and the dragon were able to find the affection they needed. As a result, it transformed him, giving Aemond unprecedented confidence (as well as unleashed arrogance).

Of course, he is far from a hero (killing one's kin is not the best trait for a positive character), but this versatility makes him an incredibly interesting and lively character, fascinating to watch in live action.