House of the Dragon Fans Reveal the Seven Kingdoms' Laziest Man

Image credit: HBO

It seems that one famous warrior could be called the laziest man in Westeros, but is that fair?

George R.R. Martin's intricate mosaic of deception, intrigue and grand battles, known as House of the Dragon, has quickly become one of the most talked about shows at the moment, and for good reason – Game of Thrones fans finally get the next chapter in Westeros history, while new viewers dive headfirst into Martin's complex world-building and character development.

And while some characters become either loved or hated by millions of fans because of their actions, one man goes unnoticed altogether because of his lazy approach to everything.

Laenor Velaryon, Rhaenyra Targaryen's husband and the official father of her children, is the man in question, as many fans often criticize him for not taking anything seriously and merely existing in the court of the Iron Throne. While people dislike his laziness and inability to do anything meaningful in terms of politics or intrigue, Laenor himself is a rather beloved figure, as his kind character makes him a good man, albeit a lost cause.

But many fans wonder why Laenor became who he is today. And the answer is quite heartbreaking.

Known as the fierce warrior who showed his mettle in the War of the Stepstones, Laenor is currently unable to enjoy thrilling battles and dragon-riding, being forced to play politics instead.

He's clearly not cut out for civilian work, and that's evident in his lazy attitude towards anything that doesn't involve battle. The only thing this former warrior dreams of is riding his dragon into battle again, but he knows that it won't happen and it makes him not only lazy but even depressed.

Fans have long noticed that Laenor's laziness has something to do with his mental state, with not only the lack of combat but also his suppressed sexuality contributing to it. Yes, Laenor is a gay man, and being forced to marry his cousin and trying to conceive children with her has certainly caused him to become severely depressed and become a completely lazy man.