Hit With Lengthy Hiatus, Here's When Chicago Fire, Med, and PD Will Return

Hit With Lengthy Hiatus, Here's When Chicago Fire, Med, and PD Will Return
Image credit: Legion-Media, NBC

Fans are bummed to see their favourite procedurals on hiatus once again.

NBC's Chicago franchise has long been among the network's most acclaimed shows. However, it seems NBC may be unintentionally eroding the fanbase with a staggering number of hiatuses this year, making it increasingly difficult for viewers to remain engaged with the shows.

Despite the undeniable talent and experience of TV producer Dick Wolf, the Chicago franchise appears to be faltering due to poor management.

The most recent episodes of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. premiered on 5 April, sparking excitement among fans eager to watch the shows through to their finales without interruption. Unfortunately, NBC dashed these hopes by abruptly placing the entire franchise on hiatus.

Although initially optimistic that the break would be brief, fans were disheartened to learn from the network that it would be lengthy.

As reported by TVLine, NBC made the difficult decision to impose a month-long hiatus on the Chicago franchise, with new episodes set to air on 3 May.

Each show will release four new episodes following this break before concluding their respective seasons. Understandably, fans express immense disappointment and frustration, accusing NBC of sabotaging the franchise.

The current seasons have already been subject to multiple hiatuses, detracting from the enjoyment of watching the shows without interruption.

Viewers are puzzled by NBC's strategy and question how frequent hiatuses could boost the shows' declining ratings. None of the three shows has been renewed for the next season, heightening concern among fans.

Should the Chicago shows' ratings fail to improve after the hiatus, it is feared that NBC may cancel them. Such an outcome would be unfair, seeing how it's the inconsistent release schedule, rather than the shows themselves, that has driven many viewers away.