HIMYM Theory Will Make You See Ted & Victoria Big Twist Very Differently

HIMYM Theory Will Make You See Ted & Victoria Big Twist Very Differently
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Was it destiny in play that brought Ted and Victoria back together in Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother?

The show sets up their chance encounter as just that - random chance. But one Reddit theory suggests that there might have been something more dastardly at play.

Ted and Victoria met about six years earlier when they’d shared a perfectly pure night together at a wedding. Never given her name, he spent the episode sleuthing around until he found out that she wasn’t just another guest: She made the cake.

They spent the next few episodes in bliss until she got a fellowship in Europe.

Unhappy with their long-distance relationship, they broke up after he tried to cheat on her with Robin. But years later, Ted and Victoria bumped into each other at the Architect’s Ball. She later met him at his favorite bar, donning a wedding dress. She called off her wedding to be with him, and the two were finally together again.

But Reddit asks the question: Did she know he would be at the architect’s ball? Ted struck mild fame since they last dated. He’d been on the cover of New York Magazine for his work in the architecture world - if she’d stumbled upon that issue, Victoria probably knew he was doing pretty well for himself.

According to the theory, she was already unhappy in her relationship and looking for a good way to end it with Klaus - whom she suspected was about to propose.

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At the very least, she could make an educated guess that he’d be at the biggest party for professional architects in the city. She agreed to bake for the event, hoping that she’d see her lost love there. When they made eye contact at the ball, it wasn’t a surprise on her face that we saw - it was a satisfaction that her plan worked.

She didn’t want to just call him up out of the blue, as she’s been portrayed as a fairly moral person who isn’t willing to cheat. But setting up a “chance” meet-cute? That makes a way better story.

Victoria’s arc in How I Met Your Mother causes a lot of division among fans. Was she a better fit for him than Robin? Was it fair for her to give Ted an ultimatum - pick her or Robin - that led to their final breakup? Victoria ranks pretty high on the list of fan-favorite sitcom girlfriends, though if this theory about her deception is true, it makes their chance of reunion a little less heartfelt.