Here's Why Young Sheldon Season 6 Ignores George Cheating Storyline

Here's Why Young Sheldon Season 6 Ignores George Cheating Storyline
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The spin-off's executive producer reveals what was on the table for Season 6.

It's been six seasons since Young Sheldon first aired in 2017. The prequel to The Big Bang Theory has been exploring the lives of young Sheldon Cooper and his family in East Texas, where the main character was born and raised.

Expanding on adult Sheldon's memories about his childhood and family members, the prequel has more or less followed the lore offered in the original show. However, the spin-off has veered off course a couple of times.

Currently airing, Season 6 of Young Sheldon has brought perhaps the most important happenings of the entire show to the screen. Georgie is having a baby with Mandy, and the two are going through marital turmoil, while Sheldon is getting ready to set off for Germany in a couple of episodes. All in all, many things that we learned on TBBT have happened this season. But one important incident failed to make it to the screen — Sheldon hasn't walked in on his father cheating on Mary.

Everybody has dreaded this moment for the past couple of years when it became clear that the spring break when 13-year-old Sheldon would come back home was about to happen in Season 6. Nobody wanted to see George Sr. cheat on Mary, and nobody has seen it. Why has this life-changing event been omitted this season? Steve Holland, the show's EP, explains.

According to Steve Holland, the producers of Young Sheldon didn't have this moment in mind when they were writing Season 6.

'Without saying it [George's cheating] didn't happen, we're not obligated to tell all the stories that Sheldon told on Big Bang,' the EP told TVLine. 'Just because it happened doesn't mean it's a story [the YS narrator] has to tell.'

It seems that the Young Sheldon writers are on the fence now as it's unclear whether George has yet cheated on Maty or hasn't. On the one hand, it may have happened but not been told, as the storyline was deemed irrelevant for the sixth season's plot. On the other hand, it may have not happened yet, and the producers might come back to this moment in Season 7, Holland said.

Whichever way this is, many people are actually happy that Young Sheldon forewent this heart-breaking event and didn't mar George's character. As for what happens next, we are yet to see Season 6's Episode 19 that airs on May 4 on CBS.

Source: TVLine.