Here's Why Virgin River Fans Hate Hope So Much

Image credit: Legion-Media

The romantic drama series from Netflix has been a small hit for the past four seasons, and with each year the series has been steadily increasing its devoted fandom base.

The story of a Los Angeles nurse moving from the hustle and bustle of a big city to a small place in Northern California has resonated deeply with viewers, thanks in no small part to great characters and solid writing.

But even the best shows have their flaws, and Virgin River is certainly no exception: a lot of fans seriously hate one character, Hope McCrea, the mayor of the titular town.

And it seems that people are irritated only by her personality: Hope is constantly called annoying, rude, selfish, basically a nuisance to everyone. While all of that can be used to describe her, it does not mean that she is a bad person. Hope certainly has a lot on her mind and always acts like she is the smartest person in the room, but that's just the way she is – even her most ardent haters will admit that the sociable mayor doesn't mean harm to anyone.

But there is certainly the issue of her constantly meddling with other people's private affairs, while she has kept her life a complete secret. People are at odds with Hope's constant need for attention, but there's only one thing that keeps her from being totally hated by the fandom: Hope's fourth season storyline.

There were a few scenes that showed the audience her better side, especially the moment when she found out about Lilly. Seeing Hope in such a vulnerable state left a huge mark in fans' hearts, and it made her a little easier to relate to.

Overall, Annette O'Toole, who plays Hope, deserves all the praise in the world for constantly having to show the two different sides of her character: the rude girl and the gentle lady that fans saw in all its glory in the last season. People want to learn more about this controversial character in the upcoming fifth season, which could ultimately change the way fandom views Hope.