Here's Why Fans Shouldn't Expect Stranger Things Season 5 in 2025

Here's Why Fans Shouldn't Expect Stranger Things Season 5 in 2025
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It looks like we may have to wait longer than anticipated.

For several reasons, Stranger Things has stood as one of the most popular and cherished shows on air. The undeniable chemistry among the cast, the thrilling and innovative storylines, and the constantly improving CGI and practical effects have all contributed to its success. However, even the most devoted fans have a significant complaint regarding Stranger Things: the huge delays between season releases.

The fourth season of this supernatural saga premiered in 2022, and it seems fans won't get to see the next chapter for years, much to their frustration. Here's why the wait is going to be so long.

Blame The Strikes

Given the hectic schedules of the cast, it's clear that an annual release of Stranger Things is an impossibility. Nevertheless, fans held out hope that 2024 might see the release of the show's final season. Unfortunately, the SAG-AFTRA strike prevented the producers from even agreeing on a potential start date for filming, let alone announcing an official release date.

However, analysts have already deduced a possible release window for Season 5, and fans might not be pleased with the news.

Grown-up Kid Actors

With filming likely to take a year, a 2024 release date is clearly off the table, particularly as the SAG strike has not been resolved yet. Furthermore, post-production could last 8 to 9 months, indicating that Christmas 2025 is the earliest possible date that we can hope to see Eleven and her friends again.

However, Netflix will likely push back the release date even further, probably until May 2026, as most of its biggest shows premiere in May. But the show's teenage cast will have become fully-grown adults by then, which could potentially disrupt the immersive experience for the long-term fans of the Stranger Things saga.

And the last nail in the fandom's coffin would be if Netflix went ahead and split the final season into two parts.