Here's What Convinced Dua Lipa to Work with Greta Gerwig on Barbie

Here's What Convinced Dua Lipa to Work with Greta Gerwig on Barbie
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The singer was eager to work with the famous director.


  • Barbie is one of the most talked about releases of 2023.
  • Dua Lipa both acted in and recorded a soundtrack for Barbie.
  • The singer immediately agreed to work on Gerwig's comedy.
  • Dance the Night is a very meaningful song for the artist.

Although 2023 is almost over, Barbie remains the ultimate talk of the town. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the upcoming 96th Academy Awards, where Greta Gerwig's comedy is expected to win a number of awards. But the movie also remains a hot topic because we've learned a lot of exciting details about it since the actors' strike ended.

For example, Greta Gerwig herself revealed that her husband and Barbie co-creator Noah Baumbach didn't want to do the movie at first, and that Ken's role was written specifically for Ryan Gosling, even though the actor hadn't yet agreed to play his now-iconic character. Now, Dua Lipa, who made a cameo appearance as Mermaid Barbie in the film and recorded one of the soundtracks, "Dance the Night," has opened up about what really made her want to work on Gerwig's comedy.

No Hesitation But a Few Doubts

According to the British singer, she's been a fan of Greta Gerwig's for years. So when she was offered the chance to work on Barbie, she didn't think twice. But since Dua Lipa was touring at the time, she had some doubts about being able to do it. Luckily, she managed and seemingly loved every moment of it.

'The thing is, Greta just really defied all odds. Nobody knew what to expect from the Barbie film and for it to be able to hit so many chords, from it being so fun and happy and funny, to then really hitting the heartstrings and touching on something really emotional and having you, especially as a woman, contemplate your place and what's expected of you,' Dua Lipa shared in a recent interview.

Dua Lipa's Contributions to Barbie

As mentioned above, the British singer created Barbie's hit disco-style theme song, Dance the Night, which she says was largely inspired by the Bee Gees' "mammoth of a record," Saturday Night Fever. And since Dua Lipa had never written music for movies before, it was a fascinating task for her as well.

'In the song, it was really important for me to capture the idea that I can basically dance through anything. Even if things are going wrong, I'll never let it show on my face what's happening. It was also just so fun to get so involved in the storyline and the perspective, and just we dug so much until we felt like we got the perfect lyrics to fit that moment entirely,' the artist said of Dance the Night's meaning.

As for Dua Lipa's appearance as Mermaid Barbie, it came much later, when the singer happened to be in London between tour shows, and although it was filmed quickly, the singer's cameo remains one of the most exciting parts of the movie.

Source: Vanity Fair.