Here's the Ultimate List of Every Theory About Mel's Dad in Virgin River

Here's the Ultimate List of Every Theory About Mel's Dad in Virgin River
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Who do you think is the most likely candidate?

The Virgin River mid-season finale certainly left us scratching our heads and desperate to get to the holiday specials set to be released on November 30th. Everybody's dying to know who Mel's biological father is.

The final moments of Season 5, Part 1, showed Mel getting shocking news from her sister. While going through the family's Christmas decorations, Joey stumbled upon their late mother's old love letters from a mysterious Virgin River resident. Moreover, Joey deduced from their correspondence that the man was Mel's biological father.

It's one hell of a way to go on a mid-season break, right? Naturally, the mystery has piqued fans' curiosity and become the subject of heated discussions. Everybody feels compelled to put forward their hypothesis about how Mel's father is, and everybody seems to believe theirs is the best possible candidate.

Let's take a look at all the Virgin River residents that fans believe are likely to be Mel's dad and consider all the pros and cons of each one of them.


Let's face it: Vernon 'Doc' Mullins has been on everyone's mind since the mid-season finale's revelation. He has been a core cast member since Season 1 and is a fan favorite, so it would be natural to give him an even bigger role. But could it be that simple?

Pros: Doc and Mel have a well-developed relationship that goes way back. From an unwelcoming, mean doctor, Doc has evolved into a real father figure for the protagonist. They share the same passion for medicine; they already love and support each other. Plus, Doc is a letter writer. Fans will remember how Hope found a letter Doc wrote to Charmaine's mother.

Cons: The biggest problem with this option is that Doc already has a secret love child, Danny's father. Unless the writers want to get too repetitive and boring, they probably won't give him another one in less than a year.


Another easy guess is Lily's late husband, Buck. Mel has a strong bond with Buck's daughters, and it would certainly be nice to see them become a real family.

Pros: It would tie in nicely with Mel's arc in Season 5. She and Jack decided to buy Lily's land and start a family. Mel has become close to Tara and Ava. And Chloe being her half-sister would make it easy for Mel to adopt her, which would be a compelling development. After all, Mel named the girl after her own deceased sister.

Cons: Buck is dead. And the trailer for the holiday specials says that Mel's dad is 'still in Virgin River,' which probably implies he's still alive. Also, we know that Buck and Lily were high school sweethearts, and it would be cruel to reveal that he cheated on her.


Another plausible candidate is Nick, brother of the local drug lord Melissa and the husband of Jo Ellen. Nick has been given a lot more screen time this season, which many fans feel had to have been done for a reason.

Pros: Jo-Ellen randomly said in one of the recent episodes that she couldn't have children and wondered what her life would be like with a bigger family. What is that, if not a hint?

Cons: Nick and Mel have no chemistry whatsoever. Also, the character is widely known as 'Handsy Nick' and is a total creep in the books, which is a turn-off for many fans.


The local crop duster owner showed his heroic side in Season 5 by using his plane to put out fires, making a very good impression on many viewers. It would be interesting to see the dynamic between the grumpy Charlie and Mel if he turns out to be her father.

Pros: If Charlie knew right away that Mel was his daughter, it would make more sense why he didn't want her to treat him when he first came to the clinic. Also, he never married and, in an earlier season, talked about being a womanizer and losing love. Could that love have been Mel's mother?

Cons: Charlie is too minor a character to be a dramatic enough option. Also, he is on the older side, which makes many fans question his candidacy.


The local tow truck driver is a relatable character that fans love. It would be great if he got a bigger role, but could he really be Mel's father?

Pros: Bert and Mel share red hair.

Cons: Bert is too young to be the father of someone Mel's age. If anything, he could turn out to be her brother, but we know nothing about his parents. Also, Bert has a great relationship with his wife, which would be a shame to put to the test.


Probably the wildest fan theory is that local gang leader Calvin had an affair with Mel's mother back in the day.

Pros: This twist would make Mel the big sister of Charmaine's twins and allow the protagonists to still have a connection to these babies and even adopt them if something were to happen to Charmaine.

Cons: Like Bert, Calvin is too young to have had a fling with Mel's mother. Besides, can you imagine this man writing love letters to anyone?

Someone New

After considering everyone else, the fans' last option is someone we've never met. He could be a recluse who doesn't attend town events or a local who left town in the past and recently returned.

Pros: The writers have already jumped the shark with too many coincidences in the show. One more would be a stretch. Also, this option would give them the creative freedom to start a new dramatic arc and introduce a new compelling character.

Cons: Where's the fun in that?