Here's the List of Every Deleted Scene in Barbie We Were Robbed of

Here's the List of Every Deleted Scene in Barbie We Were Robbed of
Image credit: Warner Bros.

While some were cut before and others after filming, these could have been quite entertaining had they been left in.

Without a doubt, Greta Gerwig's Barbie was one of the most anticipated premieres of this past summer. The star-studded comedy deals with numerous social issues and has resonated with audiences globally. As a result, it has become the highest-grossing film of the year, raking in a staggering $1.43 billion at the box office.

However, the now-beloved film might have been even more popular with fans if some scenes hadn't been edited out. Here's an exhaustive list of Barbie moments that didn't make it into the final cut.

  1. Homage to Jaws

This scene, set at the beginning of the film when Ken attempts to ride the plastic wave and bounces off, would have included Allan, petrified at the sight of his friend's misfortune, and someone being seemingly devoured by sharks in the background.

  1. Weird Barbie and Ken's Relationship

Although Kate McKinnon's Weird Barbie hinted at her interest in Ken, this storyline wasn't fully explored in the final version. Meanwhile, the two characters shared an intimate poolside scene where Ken rested his head on Weird Barbie's lap, and they talked.

  1. Fart Jokes

This scene is said to have survived until midway through editing, when it was decided that it didn't quite fit the film's tone.

  1. Judge Barbie Drowning

Portrayed by Ana Cruz Kayne, Judge Barbie was supposed to feign drowning to attract Ken's attention during the coup of Barbies.

  1. Helen Mirren's On-Screen Appearance

The legendary actress's narration is a key factor in making audiences fall in love with the film. However, Mirren had an on-screen scene where she played an obstetrician who assisted Midge in delivering her baby.

  1. Barbieland Genesis

The epic introduction to the story of Barbie, which also served as an homage to Space Odyssey, was originally intended to be a bit longer and to narrate the story of Barbieland's creation.

  1. Mattel HQ Sublease

With Mattel's entire board of trustees pursuing Barbie, the company was left in limbo. So much so that its headquarters were subleased.

  1. Helen Mirren Dropping an F-Bomb on Marie Curie

Arguably, everyone was slightly taken aback when Issa Rae's President Barbie addressed Ken with profanity at the end of the light-hearted, child-friendly film. However, the narrator was originally supposed to drop an f-bomb on Marie Curie at the very beginning.

  1. Ken and Barbie's Kiss

The awkward relationship between the two characters is well-documented in the film. But few people know about their even more cringe-inducing kiss at a certain point in the story.

  1. Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan's Cameos

These celebrity friends of Greta Gerwig's from her previous directorial ventures were supposed to have had brief cameos in Barbie. However, neither could make it, so the idea was completely scrapped.

Would you love to see any of these?