Heartstopper Will Have Season 4 After All, And This Theory Proves It

Heartstopper Will Have Season 4 After All, And This Theory Proves It
Image credit: Netflix

The popular show is here to stay.

Following the success of Heartstopper's second season earlier this year and its prompt renewal for a third installment, fans felt confident that Netflix intended to keep this teen LGBTQ+ show airing for the foreseeable future. However, recent events might challenge this assumption.

Filming for the new third season has already begun, and eagle-eyed fans have identified potential issues through leaked paparazzi photos. Recent snapshots of Kit Connor, Yasmin Finney, and Corinna Brown filming a university scene have sparked discussions among the fandom. The issue is that these scenes are only present in the fifth volume of Alice Oseman's original graphic novel series.

Early Ending

The leaks led fans to speculate that Season 3 might adapt both Volumes 4 and 5. This prospect has irked many since compressing two volumes into one season would inevitably result in a large number of scenes getting omitted. And on top of that, people have naturally concluded that the third season might be the show's final outing.

However, an alternative theory challenges this view, suggesting that not only will the show continue after the third installment but that its fourth season might actually premiere much sooner than anticipated.

Promising Idea

The core idea of the alternative hypothesis is that the university scenes are being filmed now, not because they are going to be included in Season 3 but because Season 4 is being filmed at the same time. If this is true, the next two seasons could be released in quick succession, allowing Heartstopper to gain even more traction with audiences.

While this theory offers a perfect explanation for the leaked photos, there is one major problem with it: Netflix has not confirmed that the show's been renewed for a fourth season. Of course, the idea is just too good for fans not to give it the benefit of the doubt, and so now many are saying the streaming giant might just be waiting for the right time to make the fourth season renewal announcement.

Of course, two seasons being filmed at the same time might all just be wishful thinking on our part, but we really hope it's true as the other options, i.e., two volumes being crammed into one season, just sounds too atrocious to contemplate.