Harry Potter Fans Still Riled Up Over Controversial Miscast for a Key Role

Harry Potter Fans Still Riled Up Over Controversial Miscast for a Key Role
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Fans are still upset that Hollywood has deviated from Rowling's description of an important character.

While Warner Bros.' version of Harry Potter is considered one of the best film adaptations in history, some fans still blame Hollywood for deviating from the original material.

Of course, all of the main characters were perfectly cast, but some of the supporting ones became a huge problem for die-hard fans of the book series — and none of them is more hated than Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

In the original books, this Quidditch genius was portrayed as a greasy-haired, skinny guy with thick dark eyebrows and a huge hooked nose who was popular among his fans for his athletic prowess, not certainly not for his looks. A far cry from the movie version of him, don't you think?

"Viktor Krum was thin, dark, and sallow-skinned, with a large curved nose and thick black eyebrows. He looked like an overgrown bird of prey. It was hard to believe he was only eighteen."

Bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski played the role in the movie, and this handsome man with a bodybuilder's physique really annoyed fans, who accused the producers of choosing the wrong actor for the part.

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While Ianevski certainly played the role perfectly, chewing up the scenery as a talented athlete, but he still failed to live up to the original version of Krum.

Fans simply could not understand why the Quidditch pro was portrayed with so much muscle, given that Harry Potter himself was rather slender but played the game really well.

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People think that the producers simply chose the easiest option and made Krum look like an Olympic athlete in order to increase his threat in the eyes of the viewers (and annoy those viewers who have read the book).

While most of the audience are perfectly fine with Hollywood changing the appearance of minor characters, ardent Harry Potter fans are still angry about the Krum miscast all these years later, pointing out that filmmakers should simply adapt the books instead of trying to rewrite them.

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Perhaps HBO's rumored reboot of the Harry Potter story will correct this grave error, as fans will surely not tolerate the same miscast being done twice. After all, there is no shortage of actors who look like the book version of Krum!