Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Does the Impossible: Fixes Teddy & Owen's Relationship

Image credit: The ABC

Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt are fan-favourites who have been part of the Grey's Anatomy ensemble for a very long time.

Throughout the series, their storylines have been complex and filled with drama. However, their individual arcs have merged in recent episodes, with their marriage taking centre stage. This shift has disappointed many fans, as Teddy is not just Owen's wife but also a highly-skilled surgeon. Fortunately, the latest developments in the series have breathed new life into the characters, better showcasing their strengths and unique talents.

As soon as Teddy debuted on Grey's Anatomy in Season 6, fans were introduced to her impressive skills as a cardiothoracic surgeon and her unorthodox teaching methods.

Initially brought to Seattle Grace Hospital by Owen Hunt to mentor his then-girlfriend Cristina, Teddy approached the challenge like a game and succeeded in wowing Cristina with her expertise and teaching abilities.

Teddy became one of the best mentors Grey's Anatomy viewers have ever seen.

In recent seasons, the focus has shifted from Teddy and Owen's personal storylines to their tumultuous relationship. The show has delved into various issues surrounding their marriage, such as Teddy's infidelity, Owen's controversial decisions regarding the veteran's study, the family's financial struggles, and a never-ending stream of fights and arguments. These have all merged into a seemingly never-ending and rather boring storyline about Teddy and Owen's marital problems.

Even storylines that initially focused on Teddy and Owen's individual professional challenges ultimately ended up having an impact solely on their family life. This shift towards a one-dimensional portrayal of their characters left many long-time viewers disappointed and bored with their relationship.

However, with the departure of Meredith Grey from the show, there may be an opportunity for Teddy and Owen to become more multi-dimensional and for their relationship to evolve in unexpected ways.

With Teddy's recent promotion to Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Owen poised to take over as Chief of Trauma Surgery, their careers are again at the forefront. Despite their history as a couple, some viewers have suggested that the best solution for them would be to split up. However, an alternative approach could be giving each of them a unique storyline, potentially leading to fresh and exciting plots. This would also take some of the focus off their marriage.

Focusing on Teddy's new role as Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery could help viewers remember why they loved her in the first place: she's a brilliant surgeon.