Going Veg: 5 Stars Who Swapped Steaks for Veggies

Image credit: Legion-Media

From bacon to broccoli: these celebrities made the switch to meat-free living.

The principles of vegetarianism and veganism are attracting more and more people. Some become adherents of a plant-based diet for ethical reasons, some — because of taste preferences or in the pursuit of weight loss or even giving in to popular trends.

The idea of being conscious — both in food and in the consumption of natural resources, clothing and other products — will make veganism and vegetarianism more widespread. Although opinions on the benefits of this type of diet vary, more and more celebrities are giving up eating meat.

Jennifer Lopez

Being 53 years old, Jennifer Lopez's looks definitely deserve respect and admiration. Not many people know, but the singer does not consume meat, eggs and dairy products. In her interviews, she says that vegetarianism not only helps her keep the weight in check and maintain her health, but also makes her really happy.

According to her, she feels so good every morning that she's ready to fly.

Miley Cyrus

The singer has been a vegan since 2015.

That's when she completely gave up animal products because of her fish, which Miley says swam up to the wall of her aquarium every day when she got home. It made the girl consider the fact that fish are also living, thinking creatures. She even got a tattoo of a flower on the inside of her shoulder as a sign of her commitment to a plant-based diet.

Brad Pitt

Not many people know, but vegetarianism has often been a stumbling block in the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Pitt is sure that a plant-based diet is much healthier than eating animal-based products. According to the actor, it contains a greater number of essential micronutrients, improves brain activity and even prolongs life. Angelina could not give up meat — after being a vegetarian for a while, she said that it harms her body. During their marriage, Pitt often insisted that their children should not eat meat either while Jolie thought the opposite.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto's fans are still surprised by his eternal youth, joking that the actor and musician knows the recipe for not getting older. Perhaps the secret of Leto's perfect looks lies in his diet: he has been a vegan for over 20 years.

For a long time, he also practiced eating only raw food and fasting, which, according to the actor, helped him cure his arrhythmia. In addition, he has repeatedly stated that him giving up animal products was a result of his germophobia — fear of germs.

Joaquin Phoenix

The actor, famous for his role as the Joker, gave up meat when he was only 3 years old.

According to Phoenix, it happened when the whole family went fishing. To stun the caught fish, his father beat it against the boat — it made such an impression on Joaquin and his siblings that they all gave up eating animal-based food at such an early age.