Ginny & Georgia Fans Finally Agree That Joe is a Lousy Business Owner

Ginny & Georgia Fans Finally Agree That Joe is a Lousy Business Owner
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Fans are sure that Joe would ruin Wellsbury's Blue Farm Café if he were to run the business in real life.

Ginny & Georgia's season two was released in January 2023, and viewers have been mostly focused on the main characters' relationship — though the series' supporting characters also attracted a fair bit of attention.

Recently, users on Reddit had a discussion about Joe, a local farmer and owner of the Blue Farm Café. Addressing his personal and professional qualities, many agreed that he's not a particularly great business owner — and here's why.

Joe allows his employees to arrive to work at whatever time is convenient for them, and he often makes concessions and forgives his staff members' mistakes — even if they're pretty serious.

In real life, his approach to running the business would probably destroy it, leaving the town without its major point of attraction.

However, there's an opposing argument that Joe's establishment is the only place of its kind in Wellsbury, as each and every event is held at his Blue Farm Café.

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This means that, even if the management is poor, Joe's business would still attract clients. What's more, the farmer doesn't seem to worry about his café bringing profits because he's made a lucrative deal selling organic food to a rich school in town, so Joe can actually afford to be lenient about running the Blue Farm Café as a hobby.

Viewers also recognize that the character hardly has the personal qualities of a tough businessman. Instead, Joe seems to be more of a fatherly figure to the kids in Wellsbury.

"This was most evident when he took care of a wasted Marcus, making sure he drank water and giving him food to eat while talking him through his depression," one of the Redditors noted.

Reddit users also criticized the café owner for hiring interns and using their labor for free. Many drew a parallel between Joe and Luke from Gilmore Girls. According to fans, Joe is sort of a friendlier and more reserved version of Luke, whose attitude towards employees left a lot to be desired.

Overall, fans agree that Joe's personality and attitude would prevent him from building a successful business in real life. He is a gentle, tolerant, and friendly character who fits well into the rich community of Wellsbury, but his management philosophy is unviable and would fail against the challenges of the non-fictional world.