Gargoyle's True Identity: The Top 4 Masked Singer Theories About Who's Hiding Beneath the Costume

Gargoyle's True Identity: The Top 4 Masked Singer Theories About Who's Hiding Beneath the Costume
Image credit: FOX

The judges are still uncertain about which celebrity is playing the stone creature.

Fox's The Masked Singer franchise is one of the most popular reality singing competitions in recent history, surpassing both American Idol and The Voice in terms of fan love and interest.

The fact that the identity of Gargoyle, one of Season 9's most talented singers, remains hidden only adds to the show's appeal, as fans find the idea of correctly guessing who the masked celebrity is incredibly exciting. So, who is Gargoyle?

According to the clues found in the show itself, Gargoyle has a connection to LA, as evidenced by a themed bumper sticker shown to the audience next to the phrase 'a giant piece of advice.' Additionally, it was revealed that Gargoyle is quite a record-breaker, leading fans and judges to believe that they are likely an athlete in real life. Here are our thoughts on who might be hiding behind the mask:

Antonio Gates

Tight end Antonio Gates is certainly a record-breaker, and his iconic status in the NFL would make him a fitting participant in such a celebrity-centric contest. Additionally, Gates played for the LA Chargers during his career, aligning with the clues, so it's logical that Robin Thicke should guess it's Gates.

Odell Beckham Jr.

The iconic wide receiver is truly the face of the current era of the NFL, so having him as a contestant would be a huge win for NBC.

Given that Odell played for both the New York Giants and LA Rams, the clues fit him even better than Gates. However, there's just one problem – we think Odell might be too big of a celebrity to participate in a reality singing competition, even though he can sing beautifully.

Keenan Allen

Although none of the judges guessed Keenan Allen, we think he is the most reasonable option for Gargoyle's true identity, as he not only plays for the LA Chargers but also frequently makes headlines for his beautiful singing voice.


In a bit of a gamble - while it's almost certain that Gargoyle is an athlete, Nicole Scherzinger decided to guess singer/songwriter Mario, using a jukebox, record player, and game controller as clues. And we have to admit this theory sounds pretty plausible.