From Wrinkles to Wonders: These Celebs Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

Image credit: Legion-Media

Surgically enhanced or natural beauty? These celebs choose natural.

Meryl Streep: 73

Meryl never considered herself beautiful. In high school she couldn’t stop wondering why she wasn’t as pretty as other girls. Despite these issues, the thought of having plastic surgery never crossed her mind. Instead she has learned to accept and love herself as she is.

Furthermore, Meryl believes there is nothing wrong with age-related changes we all go through, such as wrinkles, and is perplexed when her colleagues, some even younger than her, go to great lengths to try and break the spell of ageing.

Julianne Moore: 62

Julianne is already on the wrong side of 60 but she looks great despite never having had any plastic surgery. Julianne shines from within.

She is convinced that her gorgeous red hair and green eyes make her so beautiful that no amount of plastic surgery could improve on it. She believes that facial injections can’t make a woman younger, they will only deprive her of her individuality.

Sharon Stone: 64

Sharon wears her age on her sleeve, as it were. And she sees no problem in growing old and getting more wrinkles. She has no intention of doing anything to look younger. Despite several experts trying to convince her to get a facelift she’s always said no.

She says she believes that the flaws you develop as you age add to your individuality and sexuality. She has nothing against plastic surgery per se, if that’s what it takes to get rid of some psychological issues, but changing your appearance just for vanity’s sake is not her cup of tea.

Monica Bellucci: 58

Monica has always carved her own path in fashion and that path has consistently steered clear of plastic surgery. Monica prefers natural beauty and believes a woman should accept the changes that happen to her over time and that trying to prevent the natural ageing process is pathetic.

In her view, ageing scares people because it makes them think about death, but getting old is the only way to live long so wrinkles beat plastic surgery any day, in Monica’s book.

Julia Roberts: 55

In the past Julia used to say that one day she was going to have plastic surgery. She did however say she hoped she would not need to. So far so good, she’s 55 and has yet to go under the knife.

Julia says she loves her wrinkles and all the other changes that happen to her over time. She says that your face should tell the story of your life, not the story of your trips to the plastic surgeon’s operating room.

Salma Hayek: 56

Salma will be the first one to admit that she doesn’t look as fresh and attractive as she did ten years ago and yet she’s not worried about her beauty slowly but surely fading with age(probably because nobody has noticed yet). Salma has her grandmother and mother as role models: they taught her to take care of herself from an early age.

Salma loves to tell the story about how some producers once tried to convince her to at least get a Botox injection but, though tempted, she ultimately said no. She believes every woman has the right to fight to try and stave off ageing but that these days plastic surgery has become a new normal and the results are often the opposite of beautiful.

Kate Winslet: 47

Kate hates the very idea of plastic surgery. She believes in being all natural all the time. She even teamed up with Rachel Weiss and Emma Thompson to set up the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, an organisation that encourages women to forgo plastic surgery.

Kate insists she would never resort to plastic surgery as it runs counter to the idea of natural beauty. As an actress she would hate to have her face turned into a lifeless mask.

Jodie Foster: 60

Jodie personally chooses not to have plastic surgery but she does not pass judgement on women who opt for it. Jodie says she doesn’t need beauty injections and chooses instead to eat healthy foods and take exercise. What she’s interested in is extending the actual youth rather than just keeping the good looks.

Foster says she prefers to talk about herself, about who she really is to being ashamed of herself.