From Fresh-Faced to Fabulous: How These 10 Actresses Have Changed Since Their Breakout Roles

Image credit: Legion-Media

From newcomers to industry veterans.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker can still be seen in various movies and TV series, but her most memorable role is of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. In the 25 years since the first season, the actress has changed a lot, but the good news is that Sarah has decided to age naturally, without the help of surgeons. Her skin looks good and fresh, you can see that the actress carefully takes care of it.

Jennifer Grey, Dirty Dancing

In the 36 years since the release of Dirty Dancing, Baby has changed a lot, and not only because time takes its toll, but also because the actress used the help of plastic surgeons. She had a rhinoplasty that changed her appearance, and directors were reluctant to invite for their big projects after that.

Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix

Unfortunately, Carrie-Anne Moss was unable to conquer Hollywood. The actress is known for her role as Trinity in the movie series The Matrix. Now Moss is busy starring in various projects. At age 55, the star looks stunning, we can't even say that Carrie-Anne has aged much in 24 years. That’s just simply amazing!

Sherilyn Fenn, Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is one of the most famous TV series of the 90s, it made many actors and actresses famous. However, many disappeared from the radar after the show ended, like Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne. Because it has been more than 30 years, now she looks completely different, although her eyeliner and the famous red lipstick is still there. The star never changed her dark hair color either.

Kim Cattrall, Police Academy

Many people remember Kim Cattrall from her first and most famous role of cadet Karen Thompson from Police Academy. Now the actress is 66 years old, and she looks great. Kim started dying her hair and eyebrows a lighter shade, which is very refreshing for her.

Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga

We all instantly fell in love with young Bella Swan from The Twilight Saga that Kristen Stewart portrayed so well. The girl was always very modest and shy, but now you can't say that about her — she loves to experiment with her appearance. For example, the star can easily come to the red carpet with neon-red hair and yellow eyebrows. And it seems to us that these changes suit her very well.

Kate Winslet, Titanic

You just can't forget the cute, round-faced, rosy-cheeked Rose from Titanic! Although Kate Winslet starred in various other projects, many often remember her only for this film. She has certainly changed in 23 years, but we think Kate has become even more beautiful. The wrinkles around her eyes don't make her look older, they make her look kinder. Her facial skin is so stunningly smooth, we suspect that Winslet often goes to a cosmetologist, and it's having a good effect on her. Way to go, Kate!

Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls

Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan's popularity was short-lived. Everyone loved the actress in the role of Cady Heron and hoped to see her in other films, but, alas, due to her problems with alcohol and drugs, the girl was not of interest to directors. Later Lindsay turned to plastic surgeons more than once and that quite dramatically changed the star's face. We are sure that only if she had decided to age naturally, she would have looked much better.

Neve Campbell, Scream

Neve Campbell, like many of her Scream co-stars, disappeared from the radar rather quickly after her successful role as Sidney Prescott. Since then, the actress enjoyed episodic roles in various TV series, and that is it. In 24 years the actress has not changed much, it is still possible to recognize Neve from the 90s. The only thing we can notice is that her cheekbones have become more pronounced, and her lips, on the contrary, are less defined, which often happens with the years.

Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

It is simply impossible to forget this beauty! Without a doubt, this is Julia Roberts' most recognizable role of all time. But most of all, we're glad that the actress hasn't changed much in those 33 years. Julia still looks stunning, she has the same wide smile and kind eyes!