From Bad to Worst: The Top 9 Most Shocking Celebrity Looks of 2022

Image credit: Legion-Media

Celebrities who took fashion risks and failed miserably on the 2022 red carpet.

Billie Eilish

You could say that Billie came to the Oscar ceremony in a winning outfit — the girl got the coveted statuette for her James Bond's song. But it turns out that fashion is clearly not her strong suit. The girl chose black color, seemingly a noble shade that would look on absolutely everyone.

But, unfortunately, it played a cruel joke with the singer — her outfit looked rather sad than elegant as it was intended. The baggy style of the dress literally robbed Billie of the opportunity to look attractive, and the ruffles added unnecessary volume.

Amy Schumer

The dark maxi is a win-win option for all occasions, in fact in the last century such a dress could be called the most standard outfit for the red carpet. Amy decided not to invent anything new and do what others were doing for years, but ended up missing the point.

The oval neckline framed by large rhinestones ruined the actress' cleavage line, and the rhinestones themselves make the outfit look cheap. The huge bow in the middle was just simply tasteless.

Cara Delevingne

We expect the successful and in-demand models, the queens of runways and social events to make a "wow" effect. Cara Delevingne's appearance at the Met Gala proved that anyone can make a mistake.

The model arrived at the ball in a wine-colored lingerie-style pantsuit, but her outfit was spoiled by one detail (or rather, lack thereof). The model decided to emphasize her figure by gold plating her bust. Of course, it is not only the color that catches the attention, but also all sorts of chains wrapped around her body and strategically placed stickers on her breasts. We can't help but think that Cara just escaped from the tanning salon.

Nicki Minaj

The rap singer, known for her scandalous behavior, can surprise us not only with her hits, but also with her bold looks. At the Met Gala, the singer appeared in a layered black dress that resembled either a raven's wing or a cake ordered by ex-spouses for their divorce anniversary.

The style of the dress adds unnecessary volume, and the plunging neckline leaves little to the imagination. To somehow emphasize the voluptuous shapes, Minaj incorporated an ultra-wide black belt into the outfit. Nicki also put big black stones on her body that look like stains. You just want to hand the star a pack of tissues so she can wipe them off.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora wore a nude scarlet dress to the Fashion Awards in London. You have to admit, that sentence would have gone unnoticed if it weren't for the photo next to it. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid discovered the trend a long time ago, and the singer decided to follow in their footsteps.

But it did not work out well — red lingerie gave off too much of a beach look, and the thin mesh fabric just slightly covered the performer's body. The only thing missing was a large towel and a panama hat to make the look 100% perfect.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous actress from Sex and the City appeared at the Met Gala in an extravagant outfit — a voluminous dress with a corseted skirt sends us to the 19th century.

Of course, it can be stylish, but the actress has chosen an unfortunate fashion concept — color-blocking with wide horizontal stripes visually adds extra volume, and a headpiece with flowers and feathers that was meant to add spice to the outfit, only makes it look cheap. The color of the hat is also questionable. There is no match, no harmony.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco decided to appear at the Emmys as a "birthday cake" (of which someone had apparently already taken a bite) — a lush pink outfit with voluminous roses looks too naive. The puffy hemline with weird length in the front visually shortens the actress' legs.

Sydney Sweeney

In the popular series Euphoria, the actress plays Cassie, a girl who is always looking for love. We don't know if Sydney was looking to increase her fan base by going to the Emmys, but her reliance on her big bust misfired this time.

At the prestigious awards show, Sweeney showed up in a dress that was supposed to emphasize her figure. Well, the outfit did that, but a bit too well. It looked like a cocoon that literally enveloped the actress. The feathers on the skirt looked neither royal nor luxurious, as it was supposed to, but too ordinary and boring.


The queen of rap, who usually brings body positivity to all events, attended the MTV Video Music Awards not in a glamorous costume that would have emphasized her figure, but in a long, layered dress that only exposed her shoulders.

And that would be fine, but the outfit itself resembles a garbage bag, and all the reflections on it only further support those associations.