From Awkward to Adorable: How These Celebrity Couples' First Dates Went

Image credit: Legion-Media

Who says first dates have to be perfect? These celebrity couples proved that a little bit of awkwardness only adds to the charm.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye knew each other before they started dating. According to the singer, he had long been fond of the reality TV star, but did not dare to ask her out. Young people often crossed paths at social events, and one day West gathered his courage and confessed his feelings to Kardashian.

The first date of the couple took place at a kart track, and then they went to the movie theater to see The Hunger Games. There were other dates of course, and each time Kanye was more and more romantic and prepared real surprises for his beloved.

David and Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria met back in 1997 at a football match. Then the lead singer of the Spice Girls together with her friend Mel B came to the game and immediately turned her attention to the handsome athlete. Victoria was not shy and after the match came up to the player to introduce herself.

The girl then wrote down her phone number on the admission ticket, which David keeps to this day. Soon the couple went on their first date, it took place in a French restaurant at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. After that, the young people never separated again, and the public quickly learned about their romance.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben and Jennifer often crossed paths on movie sets, but never paid much attention to each other. Affleck was attracted to J. Lo, whom he was even going to marry. However, everyone knows that at the very last moment, the wedding was canceled, and the actor then fell into depression.

Garner was able to bring him back to life and stayed by his side in the most difficult period. The couple's first date took place at a basketball game: the stars talked about various things and ate hot dogs. Ben very quickly realized that he really needed such a devoted and caring woman.

On Jennifer's birthday, he decided to make a surprise, and propose to her. Affleck ordered a truck with a huge box to the restaurant where the celebration took place. The actress was happy, thinking that he gave her a car. But the gift was much more serious: at the bottom of the huge box was a small box with a ring.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

This famous couple was once introduced by J.Lo's ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony. When they first met, Alex paid attention to the bright star, but was afraid to approach her. The singer and baseball player were friends for ten years, during this time, Rodriguez managed to have affairs with Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz.

However, in 2017, Alex gathered confidence to confess his feelings to a longtime friend and invited her to a luxurious restaurant at the Bel Air Hotel. At the time, they were both worried and anxious. The athlete admired the performer and actress, but there was no way he could compliment her. He found nothing better than to text Lopez.

Alex went out to the bathroom to send her a text that said: "You're sexy." Ironically, it didn't reach her until the man was already back at the table. That helped break the ice, then Alex and Jennifer laughed and immediately made contact.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

These young people, on the other hand, immediately found common ground and chatted nonstop on their first date. Gigi and Zayn met at a party at a mutual friend's house and, as is often the case, liked each other very much. The model rushed to invite the singer to a private show in which she participated.

However, Zane was not able to attend the event, but a week later he apologized to the girl and asked her out on a date. At first, the young people kept a low profile, but afterwards they realized that they had a lot in common, including their weird sense of humor.