Friendship and Love Gone Wrong: 5 Celebrities Who Were Cheated on by Their Lover With a Friend

Image credit: Legion-Media

These celebrities found out the hard way that loyalty goes out the window when love is involved.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett was friends with her colleague Sandra Bullock until a man came between them. In 2008, Johansson married Ryan Reynolds. The couple seemed happy, but just two years later, they announced they were breaking up.

Ryan Raynolds had just appeared in the Proposal alongside Sandra Bullock so everyone assumed it had to have been Sandra that broke up the happy couple. Insiders later let it slip that Raynolds and Bullock did have a brief fling and that when Johansson learned about it, she kicked Raynolds out.

People close to Scarlet were quoted as saying that she was devastated when she found out about Ryan’s affair with Sandar Bullock.

Taylor Swift

In 2009, Swift fell head over heels for the pretty boy Taylor Lautner, of the Twilight fame. The two met on the set of Valentine’s Day, but their relationship was cut short, when Swift’s bestie singer Selena Gomez had an affair with Lautner. Apparently Gomez had been pining for Lautner since before he hooked up with Swift. Anyway, the two Taylors split up and Gomez didn’t manage to hold on to Lautner for too long either.

For Taylor Swift it wasn’t the first time she’d been betrayed by a close friend. Back in 2010, she started dating singer John Mayer but soon after Mayer dumped her. People close to the couple said Mayer got fed up with Swift’s antiques and her never ceasing demands that he marry her.

But then, to add insult to injury, Mayer went ahead and hooked up with Swift’s bestie Katy Perry. Swift took that very badly, saying it was an act of high treason on the part of her so-called friend Katy. If that’s any consolation for Taylor Swift, Katy and John didn’t last long together, either.

Selena Gomez

Selena once had a close friend betray her too and she had even more issues dealing with it than Taylor Swift did with her betrayal. Selena was madly in love with Justin Bieber. When they were together, it was an on-again-off-again kind of relationship with them constantly arguing with each other.

But then Justin went and had lunch with Selena’s close friend, model Kendall Jenner. Apparently, it was more than just a friendly lunch, seeing how he had lied to Selen that he was going to hang out with friends.

Insiders talked about how Selena totally lost it, bought an earlier ticket back to LA and left two days earlier than the two had planned. She also declared that her and Justin were over and done with. Bieber, meanwhile, stuck to his guns, insisting that Kendall was just a friend. Selena would have none of it, though, and the two kept on fighting, with Selena feeling hurt and humiliated.

On top of it, Selena at one point caught Justin texting Kendall. People close to the trio said Kendall was quite happy about the couple’s falling-out. In the end, Bieber opted out of the crazy love triangle entirely and married Hailey Baldwin, who wasn’t even in the picture while the drama with Selena and Kindall was unfolding…

Jennifer Aniston

In the mid 1990s, Jennifer Aniston briefly dated musician Adam Duritz, the lead singer of Counting Cows. They dated for only a couple of weeks, with Duritz later admitting he never got to third base with Aniston.

And yet, even in this brief period, Duritz managed to cheat on Aniston with none other than her best friend Courtney Cox. Fortunately, Courtney and Jennifer’s friendship proved stronger than either woman’s passion for Duritz.

Kate Hudson

Famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez has always been lusted after by Hollywood women. For example, he was at one point engaged to Jennifer Lopez.

However, before he hooked up with Jennifer, Alex managed to ruin the friendship of two close friends. He first started dating actress Kate Hudson and after dumping her he immediately hooked up with her friend Cameron Diaz. This new relationship didn’t last long, though, and the two actresses managed to mend their friendship after Diaz ended things with Alex.