Fans Have Spoken: The Teen Wolf Movie Is Not Canon

Fans Have Spoken: The Teen Wolf Movie Is Not Canon
Image credit: Paramount+

The recently released film appears to be so drastically different from the original that fans find it impossible to regard it as canon.

MTV's popular supernatural series, centred on teenage werewolf Scott McCall as he strives to protect his loved ones from various supernatural villains, has a particularly loyal fanbase that remains hopeful for a continuation, even though the show ended in 2017.

Earlier this year, Paramount+ granted their wish by releasing Teen Wolf: The Movie. Regrettably, the film was a critical and commercial disaster, leaving fans to question if it can even be considered part of the canon.

In a Reddit poll, most fans refused to accept the film as canon, citing numerous original storylines that were mercilessly destroyed in the movie.

For instance, Allison Argent's heartbreaking death in the third season finale left fans sad yet appreciative of the well-crafted conclusion. However, Teen Wolf: The Movie inexplicably resurrects Argent, undermining the emotional impact of her original arc.

While fans were glad to see her return, most argued that her revival felt like a cheap and poorly thought-out attempt to please the fans.

Another point of contention for fans was Derek's storyline in the film. The beloved werewolf raised his son Eli during the time gap between the original series and the sequel, and fans loved their heartfelt father-son bond.

Having lost most of his family in his youth, Derek's untimely death near the film's end—leaving Eli alone—outraged fans. They believe Derek and Eli deserve more time together and, as a result, refuse to acknowledge the film as canon.

Despite fan objections, Paramount+ maintains that Teen Wolf: The Movie is still canon and is talking about a potential sequel, even though fans don't want to hear about it.