Fans Declare Maggie The Most Overrated Walking Dead Character

Image credit: Legion-Media

Now that the iconic zombie TV show has finally concluded after 12 years on air, fans are settling some long running disputes.

AMC's biggest hit nurtured an entire generation of fans during its long run and made its cast mega stars. Convincing character arcs were always what set The Walking Dead apart from its peers, and characters like Negan, Daryl and Rick have all become household names.

But that doesn't mean that all the Walking Dead main characters were as good as the ones just mentioned; some got increasingly boring as the show’s narrative kept barreling along, others seemingly totally lost the plot. And now the Walking Dead fandom has finally spoken on who the most overrated character in the entire series is. The dubious distinction goes to Maggie Rhee(Lauren Cohan).

Maggie is one of the original main characters and co-founder of the Militia. She was very popular with fans during the early seasons of the show. Her strong personality and devotion to family made her a force to be reckoned with and her decision to leave the group to search for other colonies was seen as a bold move by many. But all that changed after she rejoined the main group after a six-year absence and tried to instantly regain all the power she once had.

Many fans were shocked by her insatiable thirst for power: at one point, while Rick was presumed dead, she dropped his name left right and centre to muscle her way into the colony’s upper echelons. Furthermore, Maggie cited her dead husband as a reason why she deserved to call the shots in the community, even though practically everybody has by that point lost someone in the zombie outbreak. Many fans were also disgusted by the fact that Maggie was constantly playing the victim. It was a new Maggie and she wasn’t improved.

To add insult to injury, she now often simply acted like a complete asshole, like when she stopped everyone from saving Cage from the walkers, claiming they didn't have enough ammo to destroy them all and convincing the others to leave the innocent kid to die without even trying to rescue him. So in the later seasons, Maggie, once everyone’s darling, completely broke bad and not in a good way.