Everyone's Waiting on Cillian Murphy's Take on Barbie & Oppenheimer Box Office Battle

Everyone's Waiting on Cillian Murphy's Take on Barbie & Oppenheimer Box Office Battle
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The lead actor is strangely silent on the matter.

This summer's most anticipated premieres are Greta Gerwig's Barbie and Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, both set for release on the same date, July 21. Although the two movies seem drastically different, with one being a fantasy comedy and the other a dark historical biopic, both feature a star-studded cast and fascinating plots, forcing viewers to choose which one they want to see on their opening weekend.

The same date premiere controversy has already inspired numerous memes, but everyone seems to be largely okay with it now. Both fans and movie stars (including Tom Cruise, for instance) are preparing for a double feature next weekend to see both Oppenheimer and Barbie in theaters, but while Barbie's cast is in on the joke, Oppenheimer's crew is taking their time before joining the double feature plea.

Just recently, Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie posed for a photo in front of Oppenheimer's poster, showing off their movie tickets and paying tribute to the box office rival. Of course, fans were extremely happy to see their sweet gesture, fully expecting Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan to do the same for Barbie.

However, with less than two weeks to go before both films open, Nolan and Murphy have yet to comment on the box office battle and praise Barbie as much as Gerwig and Robbie have praised their film. Naturally, fans are a little disappointed and hope that Oppenheimer's crew does not take the whole 'battle' too seriously.

'I want Nolan and Cillian to watch Barbie. I need it. I want that photo-op. Because let's be honest, it isn't Oppenheimer v. Barbie. It is Oppenheimer and Barbie. The public has accepted it and the industry is accepting it too,' one fan said.

Perhaps Universal is pressuring Murphy and the movie's director to keep quiet about the matter, hoping that Oppenheimer can still beat Barbie at the box office. However, if this is true, Warner Bros. and Barbie's team will be the true winners of the situation because fans think that being kind and supportive of competition is a true winning strategy.

Source: Reddit.