Emily Ratajkowski Was Harry Styles' Celeb Crush Long Before That Kiss Happened

Emily Ratajkowski Was Harry Styles' Celeb Crush Long Before That Kiss Happened
Image credit: Legion-Media

It seems that Harry had been drawn to Emily for almost ten years before this heartfelt kiss.

The world's biggest superstar Harry Styles was recently caught on camera making out with actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, and it looks like it's not just a coincidence.

Harry and Emily were also pictured happily dancing together on the streets of Tokyo, proving that the two stars are definitely in a relationship. While the news may come as a bit of a surprise to many, Stiles' longtime fans are definitely aware of the singer's long standing fascination with the model, which can be traced back nearly a decade.

In 2014, Styles was already a huge superstar, but only as part of One Direction, and his solo career was still in its early stages. However, thanks to the huge popularity of the boy band, Styles was always in the limelight, often appearing on the red carpets. And it was during one such interview that year that Styles was asked the fateful question of who his celebrity crush was.

‘Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl,’ singer said to Telehit.

Yes, it seems that since then, Styles has never ceased to be attracted to the girl, and it wasn't until nine years later that he was able to make his dream come true.

Fans are already congratulating the singer on his celebrity crush becoming a reality, describing Styles and Ratajkowski as the perfect couple, urging the pair to make their relationship public.

However, that kiss video made some fans a little worried, as both celebrities were believed to be in relationships with other people.

Although it was common knowledge that Styles and his girlfriend Olivia Wilde had decided to take a break from their two-year relationship, almost no one knew that Ratajkowski had broken up with comedian Eric Andre, whom she had only recently dated.

It appears that Stiles' former celebrity crush may have influenced his attraction to Ratajkowski, and fans are hoping Harry from 2014 managed to predict a long and loving life with his newfound love interest.