Elijah Wood Unrecognizable (& Downright Creepy) in The Toxic Avenger First Pics

Elijah Wood Unrecognizable (& Downright Creepy) in The Toxic Avenger First Pics
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The character looks legitimately abhorrent.

Despite the writers' and actors' strikes showing no signs of stopping, 2023 continues to entertain us with a wealth of new premieres. Indeed, this year has offered a rich array of new titles, ranging from The Last of Us and Barbie to One Piece. And soon, there will be yet another promising release.

The Toxic Avenger, the fifth installment of the eponymous franchise that first hit screens in 1984, is set to premiere today at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. Starring Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Sarah Niles (Ted Lasso), and Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings franchise), the latest take on this beloved story will once again spotlight Winston Gooze, also known as the titular Toxic Avenger, and his morally ambiguous exploits. Recently released stills from the movie strongly suggest it will be something special. Specifically, the look of Elijah Wood's character is eerily fascinating.

E. Wood in The Toxic Avenger

Headlined by Peter Dinklage as the eponymous antihero, Macon Blair's forthcoming film features a talented ensemble cast portraying charismatic, albeit eccentric, characters. Within this diverse mix, Elijah Wood takes on the role of the film's main antagonist, Fritz Garbinger, a hideous man who clashes with Dinklage's character.

Elijah Wood Unrecognizable (& Downright Creepy) in The Toxic Avenger First Pics - image 1

The actor best known for portraying Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings franchise is almost unrecognizable in his new role. With yellowed, crumbling teeth, dark eyes, and messy strands of black hair falling from an otherwise bald head, Fritz Garbinger hardly resembles the typically handsome actor we know and love. In fact, Elijah Wood appears more similar to Gollum than the endearing hobbit he played in the LOTR series.

Inspiration Behind the Look

According to The Toxic Avenger's director, Macon Blair, Danny DeVito's Penguin and The Rocky Horror Picture Show served as the primary inspirations for Elijah Wood's unsettling look.

'The look came about by discussions I had with our designers and with Elijah himself,' Blair shared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. 'I wanted it to feel like a Peter Sellers type of performance where he just goes invisible. The idea is that you forget that it's the Elijah that you know from Lord of the Rings or anything else.'

Indeed, the actor looks nothing like his iconic character, and perhaps that's a good thing. The Toxic Avenger could very well serve as a fresh start for him.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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