DWTS Season 32's Biggest Disappointment So Far? Guest Judges

DWTS Season 32's Biggest Disappointment So Far? Guest Judges
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The current season remains a mixed bag.

Three episodes in, it was evident that the 32nd season of Dancing With the Stars was far from the worst in the show's history. The intriguing contestants and dynamic performances in the initial episodes enticed fans to stay tuned for the remainder of the season. However, the current installment has already sparked a significant amount of controversy after writer and comedian Matt Walsh was eliminated in the first episode despite clearly being more talented than some of the other contestants.

Fortunately, the show managed to regain its balance over the subsequent episodes, pleasing fans with one impressive dance after another. It was in episode 3, however, that fans were finally able to get their finger on the most glaring issue with the season so far: the judges and their decisions.

Unfair Scores

In the first two episodes of the season, Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch fame emerged as an undeniable fan favorite. No one anticipated a 69-year-old actor to move so gracefully on the dance floor. Nevertheless, it appears the judges did not share the audience's enthusiasm, as they persistently focused on Barry and Peta Murgatroyd, drawing a significant backlash from the audience.

Fans questioned why the judges seemed to dislike Williams and accused them of favoring certain couples. Despite Barry and Peta scoring a 25 in Episode 3, they only achieved that because of the presence of a new guest judge - Michael Strahan.

Underwhelming Guest

While fans were initially excited to see the popular athlete and host judging alongside professional dancers, the end result was rather disappointing.

First, it was apparent that Strahan lacked knowledge about dance and choreography, and he seemed somewhat uninterested in the performances. Additionally, instead of forming his own opinions about the contestants, Strahan tended to follow the lead of the other judges, resulting in him favoring the frontrunners over the underdogs.

If Season 32 continues to feature guest judges like Strahan, it may very well end up being the lowest-rated Dancing with the Stars installment in recent years.

Dancing with the Stars Season 32 Episode 4 is set to premiere on October 17, 2023.

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