DWTS Is Giving Us the Best Female Friendships This Season

DWTS Is Giving Us the Best Female Friendships This Season
Image credit: Disney+

The current season features an insane chemistry.

The female celebrities have bonded throughout the season, posting TikToks and supporting each other.

Even though some of them will be eliminated, fans are hoping that the chemistry will still prevail.

Although Season 32 of Dancing with the Stars has already received its fair share of criticism for the producers' decision to keep Harry Jowsey on the show as long as possible despite his obvious lack of talent, the current installment may actually go down as one of the best in reality competition history, all thanks to the chemistry between all the female celebrities.

While some of the male contestants, including Barry Williams and Jason Mraz, have already proven to be fan favorites, even they are struggling to achieve the same level of support that the girls are getting this season. And here's why.

Great chemistry

5 episodes in, 5 celebrities are still competing for the win - Xochitl Gomez, Alyson Hannigan, Charity Lawson, Ariana Madix and Lele Pons. And with only one of them able to claim victory, fans were expecting to see some covert intrigue, with the contestants shadowing each other in hopes of attracting more viewers.

However, it looks like the girls took the opposite approach and decided to bond with each other instead of making things harder for everyone. Yes, the chemistry between all five stars has been through the roof for a while now, and it's quite clear that they all support each other.

Needless to say, fans loved seeing such an unusual practice in a reality competition and commended the girls for keeping things cozy and endearing. The amount of TikToks the contestants film together keeps viewers constantly entertained and reassured that their bond on the show is not just an act.

@lelepons The teletubbies squad 😂 @Xóchitl Gómez @charitylawson @ariana madix #DWTS ♬ Teletubbies - Eh Oh - Main Theme - Geek Music

Eliminations coming up

However, it's quite obvious that one of the girls will be eliminated in future episodes, so the competition between the remaining girls will surely derail their chemistry as the season progresses, as the idea of winning can drive even best friends apart.

However, the amount of energy the girls are generating right now is just incredible and it certainly elevates the whole season, which makes the producers totally happy, so maybe they will try to keep that chemistry alive in one way or another.