Drag Race Fans Are Questioning Whether Luxx Noir Has What it Takes to Win

Drag Race Fans Are Questioning Whether Luxx Noir Has What it Takes to Win
Image credit: MTV

Fans are split over Luxx Noir's chances of winning the competition.

The iconic RuPaul's Drag Race reality competition has captivated audiences since its debut in 2009, sparking passionate debates each year over who will be crowned the next drag superstar. The show immerses viewers in a vibrant world where talented drag performers vie for supremacy in various challenges, including lip-sync battles and runway walks.

Recently, the show moved to MTV, and while fans are somewhat disappointed with the shorter episodes, season 15 continues to fascinate. But who will take home the crown?

Luxx Noir has won many hearts, but not everyone is convinced that this drag star has what it takes to win.

While Luxx's screen time this season has been thoroughly entertaining, some fans argue that the production occasionally downplayed her stellar performances in challenges, making her less memorable than she deserves. Despite Luxx's two challenge wins this season—an impressive feat—some fear it won't matter in the end, as the other contestants come across as much stronger contenders.

Many regard Sasha Colby as a prime candidate for victory, given her three challenge wins and her status as a drag show icon. Mistress Isabel Brooks is another name frequently mentioned as a potential winner, with few expecting Luxx to outshine them both.

Although Luxx's performance this season has been top-notch, other contestants often eclipse her, leading some viewers to occasionally forget about her. Fans claim this issue isn't due to Luxx's lack of star power but rather the production itself.

While Luxx's chances of winning may be slim, fans are confident that she will secure a spot in the top 3, sharing the honour with Sasha, Anetra, or Mistress Isabelle Brooks.

Be sure to catch RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 Episode 13 on MTV on 24 March 2023.