Double the Fun: Hollywood Actors With Twin Siblings

Image credit: Legion-Media

Most celebrities are not the only children in the family. But only a few have twin brothers and sisters.

Ashton Kutcher

The actor's parents had no idea that they were about to have twins. So when the second boy was born 5 minutes after the first one, they were shocked. But they had problems because the baby's weight was insufficient. After the birth, Michael was taken to the intensive care unit, and the doctors were not sure if he would survive at all.

The boy was diagnosed with two serious conditions — cardiomyopathy and cerebral palsy. It was a miracle that he made it. Ashton and he have a different genetic code. They are fraternal twins and that's why they don't look alike.

Nowadays Michael speaks openly about his diagnosis and advocates for children with cerebral palsy. He works with a charity and often attends public events as a speaker.

Cole Sprouse

This actor is now known as the star of the television series Riverdale. However, he began his career with his twin brother Dylan, who is the eldest of the two, as he was born 15 minutes before Cole.

The first major work for the brothers was the movie Big Daddy. They played the role of the same character, as the filmmakers wanted to finish the project faster.

In the US, there are restrictions on the length of the working day for child actors.

The Sprouse brothers became popular after starring in the TV series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. However, after that, the twins went their separate ways. Dylan prefers independent cinema and also owns his own brewery.

Scarlett Johansson

The actress' twin brother is not currently working in the film industry, although he starred with his sister in the film Manny & Lo. Hunter was born three minutes after Scarlett. Critics praised the little actress, but nothing was said about her brother. So he decided that he would not continue his acting career.

Later Hunter chose to tie his life to politics. He began working on President Barack Obama's team and is now as famous as his sister. Only in the political industry.

Tom Kaulitz

The musician became famous in the 2000s when he started his band Tokio Hotel. Of course, at that time, few people noticed how similar the guitarist and the lead singer are.

Bill always preferred bright-eye makeup, as if challenging the public that was outraged by his looks. Tom, on the other hand, liked dreadlocks. Behind all these distinctions, the twins' looks seemed different as well.

Now Bill no longer uses makeup, and the brothers' hairstyles are similar. Tom decided to leave music, preferring to pursue a modeling career and charity. In 2019, he married the famous model Heidi Klum.

Rami Malek

In the case of the actor, it is difficult to tell the difference between him and his twin brother. Even their names are similar — Rami and Sami. The actor was born four minutes before his brother. Sami has no ties to the world of show business. And until recently, he did not even appear in public together with Rami.

However, in 2019, the twins came together to the Golden Globe Awards.

Sami decided to support his brother, who won Best Actor in a Drama Film for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Little is known about Rami's twin, as he has no social media presence and he avoids publicity. It is only known that Sami works as an English teacher. In general, he is a completely non-public person. Only sometimes you can see joint photos with his brother in the actor's Instagram account.