Dominic Rains Doesn't Like To Watch Chicago Med At Home; Can You Blame Him, Though?

Dominic Rains Doesn't Like To Watch Chicago Med At Home; Can You Blame Him, Though?
Image credit: NBC

Looks like the actor has a pretty good reason for refusing to watch the show he stars in.

NBC's decision to reunite with Dick Wolf to produce a new franchise proved to be a wise one, as the trio of series following different Chicago institutions became a landmark in network television, earning great ratings and positive reviews from critics.

But as viewers have pointed out, Chicago Med is the least popular show in the franchise, and it looks like Dominic Rains is ready to agree with the fans.

Rains joined the show in Season 5 as Dr. Crockett Marcel, and his character quickly became a fan favorite. As of now, Rains is definitely the face of the series, boosting both ratings and fan love for Chicago Med.

However, it seems that Dominic is a bit unhappy with the way the producers treat the cast, and the actor touched on this controversial topic in his recent interview, revealing that he never watches the show himself.

'Not that I'm against [watching] it, but I don't. Then [the filmed material] gets to the editing room, and they end up shaving it. Doing this and doing that, they take a take that you weren't a fan of,' Rains said to Nekia Nichelle.

The actor seems to be holding a grudge against the production team of Chicago Med, as he feels that his performance is being undermined because the editors tend to choose the takes that he doesn't like.

Although this is the common problem for many network series, where the filmed material can be very different from the final result, some fans argue that other actors don't seem to have a problem delivering great performances in every single episode of their shows. Does this mean they simply get their takes right every time?

Debate aside, Rains certainly brought up a very important issue for the current era of network television, and viewers hope that industry professionals would hear the actor's dissatisfaction and do something to remedy the situation.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 19 will arrive on NBC on May 3, 2023.

Source: Nekia Nichelle