Did Sydney Sweeney & Fiancé Jonathan Davino Break Up? New Pics Suggest So

Did Sydney Sweeney & Fiancé Jonathan Davino Break Up? New Pics Suggest So
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans feel new evidence may point to Sweeney and Davino splitting up amid rumors of Sweeney's romance with Glen Powell.

The personal life of 25-year-old rising star, Sydney Sweeney, has been the talk of the town lately. First, Sweeney's chemistry with Anyone But You co-star, Glen Powell, as well as some cozy photos and videos of the two spending quality time together, led to rumors of a real-life affair.

Then it was revealed that Powell broke up with his girlfriend, model Gigi Paris, earlier this month, and Paris unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram. And now, new photos circulating on social media show Jonathan Davino, Sweeney's fiancé since the spring of 2022, leaving their LA home with bags.

Sweeney and Davino have been an item since 2018 when they went public by attending an Emmy party together. Professionally, Jonathan Davino has nothing to do with cinematography or pop culture — he is in the restaurant business. And Sydney has said in various interviews that being out of the spotlight is an important quality for her partner because, in a relationship, she needs to feel like a normal person, not a celebrity.

But now fans are wondering if, despite her earlier claims, Sweeney has found that comfort with now-single Glen Powell. Even though various media sources have shut down rumors of her and Davino splitting up, Powell and Sweeney's interactions during the tour promoting their new movie are too steamy to miss. Besides, we have photos of Davino leaving his home with several bags.

Of course, this could just be a business or personal trip, but amidst rumors of a Sweeney/Powell romance, fans can't help but wonder if Davino is leaving for good.

More than that, fans feel that Powell is probably a better match for Sweeney, as the co-stars come from similar worlds and experiences and have a smaller age gap than Sweeney and Davino.

But then again, all the chemistry and tension between Sweeney and Powell could just be a clever marketing move for Anyone But You. And the move has definitely worked, as the rumors about its stars have given the movie a lot of press and audience attention lately.