Death-Defying Scenes: 5 Actors Who Faced Near-Death Experiences on Set

Image credit: Legion-Media

From stunts to mishaps: the 5 actors who proved that filming can be deadly.

Isla Fisher, Now You See Me

The actress we know as Becky Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic is a very brave girl who is strangely attracted to filming life-threatening scenes without the help of body doubles.

In Now You See Me, Isla had to perform a trick with a fish tank once invented by Harry Houdini. The trick was to free herself from the chains before the oxygen ran out.

But the unexpected happened: the chain got stuck and the actress was not able to get out of the water for a long time, even though she desperately banged on the glass and tried calling for help. Surprisingly, the filmmakers and the entire crew thought that the actress had just gotten too comfortable with the role. In the end, everything turned out well when Isla was able to reach the trigger and swim out on her own.

Jason Statham, The Expendables 3

It seems that this brutal actor can handle almost anything, and this is partly true, since Jason had a lot of experience with action movies at the time of filming the third part of The Expendables. But even he had his problems.

In an interview, co-star Sylvester Stallone admitted that Jason almost killed himself in a scene where his character was driving a truck with faulty brakes. The actor fell off a cliff from a height of 55 feet (17 meters) directly into the Black Sea, fortunately he used to be a professional driver and was able to get out before the car went down.

Halle Berry, Die Another Day

Halle Berry's Die Another Day did not have any dangerous acrobatic scenes that you could see in Catwoman, but there was one accident and, oddly enough, the reason for this was the handsome Pierce Brosnan.

While filming an intimate scene, Pierce made Halle laugh so hard that she choked on a piece of fruit and nearly died. Instead of helping his partner, Pierce was confused and stunned.

Luckily, the assistants arrived in time and rescued the choking Halle.

Johnny Depp, The Lone Ranger

In 2013, the adventure thriller The Lone Ranger was released to the screens, with Johnny playing the role of the Native American named Tonto. The actor got so comfortable with his role that almost lost his life.

During the chase scene, Johnny had to ride a horse, but the animal suddenly stopped and reared, while the saddle, along with the actor in it, started slipping down. At this point, the horse decided to keep running and dragged Johnny for 70 feet (22 meters). He sustained a lot of injuries and got kicked several times by the horse.

His colleagues barely managed to get him out before anything worse could happen. According to the actor, he had to recover from this for a long time.

Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

During the filming of one of the scenes, the actress almost suffocated. According to the script, Jennifer Lawrence's character leads a group of rebels through a long tunnel that suddenly fills with smoke. While running through one of the tunnels, the smoke machine malfunctioned and filled the entire tunnel with fog.

As a result, the girl was deprived of oxygen and narrowly escaped suffocation. When it happened, all the actors started coughing, and only then did the assistant director yell: "Shut off the smoke machines!" After several terrifying minutes, Lawrence was able to breathe again.