David Yates Confirms What We Already Suspected About Fantastic Beasts

David Yates Confirms What We Already Suspected About Fantastic Beasts
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The magical saga came to an end.


  • After the failure of the threequel, Warner Bros. has pulled the plug on Fantastic Beasts.
  • David Yates confirmed that the franchise is on hold, but expressed confidence that he will return to the IP one day.

When the first Fantastic Beasts movie premiered in 2016 and earned more than $800 million at the global box office, all fans of the Harry Potter saga were sure that the future of the franchise was secure for at least a decade. However, the second film already showed signs of trouble, as it was panned by critics and fans alike for lackluster writing, poor CGI, and a complete lack of the atmosphere that made the films about a teenage wizard a hit.

However, it wasn't until the third film, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, that fans became certain the franchise would not survive, as the long-awaited film only managed to earn $193 million worldwide, the worst result in Harry Potter history.

The future is bleak

After the monumental failure of the third Fantastic Beasts movie, fans were sure that Warner Bros. would pull the plug on the IP, and it looks like they weren't wrong. Recently, Fantastic Beasts producer and director David Yates revealed that no work is currently being done on the supposed fourth installment, and it's unlikely that fans will be seeing Newton Scamander and friends anytime soon.

'With Beasts, it's all just parked. We made those three movies, the last one through a pandemic, and it was enormous fun but it was tough. I'm sure at some point, we'll be back. But yeah, I haven't spoken to Jo, I haven't spoken to David Heyman, I haven't spoken to Warner Bros; we're just taking a pause. It's quite nice,' Yeates said.

Yes, it looks like while the franchise's mastermind refuses to admit that plans to continue Fantastic Beasts have been scrapped after a string of failures, he is comfortable saying that the future films have been shelved and that he and his crew are taking their talents elsewhere.

And while it's a little sad to say goodbye to Fantastic Beasts, fans are actually happy to see the franchise canceled, as it did more damage to the Harry Potter universe than any single piece of bad fanfiction (looking at you, My Immortal). At least we'll have the Harry Potter reboot, right?

Source: via GamesRadar.