Dark Side of Fame: Celebrities Who Realised It Wasn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

Image credit: Legion-Media

Initially, actors and singers yearn for fame, but as they attain it, they may struggle to escape its grasp. The following celebrities had their expectations clash badly with reality.

Billie Eilish

The acclaimed singer revealed that she paid a heavy price for her early success, as it forced her to become reclusive. She recalls how she went ice skating with a friend, only to get almost trampled by her fans.

Billie says she lost her teenage years because she started performing and recording when she was 13. She adds that navigating fame without proper guidance is difficult and that no school can prepare you for it.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with playing vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, a role that made him an international celebrity.

He has spoken about how lonely it can be when you can't live a normal life any more.

Robert talked about how he spent a lot of time fighting it, but in the end, he had no choice but to get used to his new celebrity lifestyle.

Kristen Stewart

Pattinson's Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart says fame is the worst thing in the world and claims she can't understand people who want to be famous.

Megan Fox

The Transformers star once compared being famous to being bullied, albeit globally.

Megan points out that people tend to see the big houses, expensive cars, and other accoutrements that usually come with fame. However, they don't realise celebrities are constantly being made fun of by millions of people.

Anne Hathaway

Anne began acting as a teenager and became world-famous at age 19. She admits she was not ready for it psychologically, and the sudden fame took a heavy toll on her.

She says she didn't know what to do or how to deal with it all and was constantly stressed out.

Gigi Hadid

The accomplished model has revealed that her rise to fame cost her several friendships. While discussing the negative aspects of celebrity status, Gigi often gets emotional and sheds tears.

She says that being famous can be overwhelming and leave one feeling powerless, as people constantly scrutinise and judge every aspect of their life.

The model expressed her frustration about how individuals can form an opinion based on a single moment, taken out of context or even inaccurately portrayed. This kind of judgement has affected her deeply and caused her significant distress.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga undergoes a complete transformation when performing on stage, donning vibrant outfits and putting on bold makeup. However, the singer opts for simplicity in her personal life, wearing modest attire and minimal makeup. Despite this attempt at anonymity, Lady Gaga still finds it challenging to evade the constant attention of her fans and the paparazzi.

In a heartbreaking confession, the performer shared that once she steps out of her home, she forfeits her freedom and becomes public property accessible to all.

She lamented how it is legal for paparazzi to follow her on the street or the beach and how she cannot call the authorities or request that they leave. This constant scrutiny and lack of privacy can be overwhelming and distressing, as the media often captures and scrutinises even mundane activities.

Brad Pitt

Brad doesn't like to give interviews that require him to discuss his personal life to promote his projects.

Pitt doesn't like it that it is assumed that the only way to generate interest in his movies is by having him divulge personal information, even though his personal life has nothing to do with his work.

FKA twigs

The singer was driven around the bend by too much media attention; she even wanted to smash her face in the mirror at one point.

She told The New York Times that she sometimes just wants to stop.

Harrison Ford

The celebrated actor who played Indiana Jones says fame is a burden because it entails a complete loss of privacy.

He says he never liked it, even though being famous allows him to get restaurant reservations and doctor appointments with ease, he doesn't think it is worth it.

By the way, Harrison regrets playing Han Solo in the Star Wars movies because it made him immensely popular and deprived him of privacy.