Cursed Child Movie is Unlikely (And That's a Good Thing for Harry Potter Fans)

Cursed Child Movie is Unlikely (And That's a Good Thing for Harry Potter Fans)
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Don't expect the play to be made into a movie.

Though the original Harry Potter movie franchise concluded over a decade ago, it remains one of Hollywood's most popular properties, with millions eagerly looking forward to the return of the boy who lived. Recently, speculation arose in various media outlets that Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling might be planning to adapt The Cursed Child into a blockbuster movie following the revelation that Max is already developing a television reboot of the iconic story.

The continuation of Harry Potter's story debuted on stage quite some time ago, and fans have been curious if the latest chapter in the Potter saga will ever grace the big screen. However, while Max's reboot is already confirmed, it appears that Cursed Child won't be coming to theaters anytime soon, and here's why.

Cast Done with Franchise

Cursed Child once again centers around Harry, Hermione, and Ron as the primary protagonists. For a film adaptation, it would be essential for Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint to be willing to reprise their roles. Regrettably, none of the actors seem interested in returning to Rowling's universe, which immediately kills the idea of a canonical Cursed Child movie set in the same universe as the original franchise.

Fans’ Hate for the Play

Even though Cursed Child made good money as a theater production, long-time fans of the franchise largely dislike it. They argue that Rowling wrote it primarily to make money off the hot Harry Potter property, and it shows: the play lacks the enchanting atmosphere of the original books and movies.

Harry Potter Films Thing of the Past

The announcement of a Harry Potter reboot series took many by surprise, yet it was somewhat predictable that Hollywood would attempt to transition the franchise to television, especially after the disappointing performance of Fantastic Beasts at the box office, which tarnished the Harry Potter franchise's reputation as reliable blockbuster material.

It seems that Rowling and Hollywood producers are more than content to transition to television in the future, which means that Cursed Child probably won't be opening in theaters near you anytime soon.